Welcome to “A Dog’s Blog …by Shelby”

happy WOOF!! …my name is Shelby. I’m a Border Collie dog and this is my blog!  happy

I hope you enjoy reading my ‘Random Barking’ and ‘Recent Woofs’. Most of it is all about me, with photos and videos of me, my toys and my friends and sometimes I bark about other interesting doggy stuff, including other websites I think you might like (which are added to my ‘Tail Wags’ section). Occasionally I even let my “mum” put stuff here too. She has lots of her own blogs so I don’t see why she has to use mine as well, but she reckons it makes sense to have all the dog related stories over here, so I just humour her and also let her put links here to her blogs (right column) and her websites (bottom of page). By the way, you can check out my older woofs in the ‘Buried Bones’ sections of the menu.

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Possum in the Roof!

ringtailpossum1A possum came to visit inside the roof of the big people-kennel but unfortunately I did not get to eat this one. It would have been interesting to compare the flavour of this Ringtail Possum with the Brushtail Possum I ate last year.

My people told me they heard the sounds of a small animal scratching and scurrying around inside the roof of their big kennel at night for the last few nights. It sounded like a very small animal so they assumed it was a rat (or rats) as we’ve had a wild rat come into the people-kennel once before. The animal in the roof didn’t sound heavy enough to be a big fat Brushtail possum which is the usual type of possum that invades people-kennels. Continue reading

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I’m limping …and too fat …again!

tennisballI somehow hurt my front right leg this afternoon when fetching the ball for Mum. Maybe I’d already hurt it a bit yesterday when I stumbled on the steps, twice! …both times because I was going too fast. Anyway, I was limping badly when I brought the ball back so Mum examined my leg and paw but couldn’t find anything obviously wrong. She decided it was best for me to go inside the people-kennel and have a rest. Continue reading

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Happy Australia Day!


Once again my 2nd eldest man-brother invited his friends to an Australia Day BBQ in my backyard, but this time I got to have a friend here as well because Shadow came to visit and then stayed for a few days. 😀 Continue reading

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Another Annual Vet Check


Mum took me to the vet this afternoon. When we got inside there was a grumpy looking white cat in a cage. I smiled at the cat and tried to say hello but Mum dragged me away from it. I was a very good boy and sat beside Mum and waited patiently for my turn to see the vet. Continue reading

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Another Walkies to the Creek

This afternoon Mum and I went for another walkies to the creek where we first saw the Dragon. Mum wanted me to look at her phone camera but I was too interested in listening to sounds around me …maybe it was the Dragon? Continue reading

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Swimming with Shadow

…on New Year’s Eve

My friend Shadow came to visit again today. It was a very hot day so we went for a swim in my people’s pool with Shadow’s mum and my man-brother. Continue reading

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My Friend Shadow


My friend Shadow

Shadow came to visit again on the weekend. Her mum is my man-brother’s girlfriend. Shadow has been here before but Mum didn’t take any photos of us those times. I like to follow Shadow around wherever she goes but she gets tired of me sometimes and disappears upstairs to my man-brother’s room. Continue reading

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Sore Toe …AGAIN!

toe-1My fourth toe on my right back leg is sore again (Mum didn’t think it was the same toe until she checked my earlier blog entries — Feb 2013 & Mar 2014). Mum first noticed I had a problem about two weeks ago because I started limping one afternoon (maybe Wednesday 2nd Nov?) when bringing the ball back to her after I’d chased it lots of times in the backyard. When we went inside the people kennel I sat down for a rest and started licking my toe. Mum had a look but couldn’t see anything wrong. I stopped limping after a little while, and only licked it occasionally for the next day or so, and it seemed to get better. Continue reading

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My Friend Bella

bella4Mum and I went for another walkies this afternoon. On the way home we met my friend Bella so Mum tried to get some good photos of us together. Unfortunately Bella didn’t want to sit still for her photos, but I was a good boy and sat and stayed when Mum told me to. When Mum knelt on the path to try to get a better photo down at dog level, Bella came and sat beside Mum instead of staying beside me, so Mum gave her lots of pats and cuddles while I just sat and watched. Bella’s dad had to help her to sit still enough for Mum to photograph her. At least Bella likes me now and doesn’t bark at me all the time — just some of the time and mainly when she’s up on her verandah when Mum and I walk past. I first wrote about Bella in my Border Collie Meet-up blog post and again briefly in I saw Santa tonight. Anyway, here’s more photos… Continue reading

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I Ate a Possum!

possumCommon Brushtail Possum — Trichosurus vulpecula

Well, actually I only got to eat half of it because Mum and my youngest man-brother stole the other half from me when I made the mistake of letting them see me with it yesterday. I suppose I should tell the whole story now… Continue reading

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I saw Santa tonight

When Mum and I went outside for walkies tonight we saw a rural fire brigade car and a fire truck drive slowly past the top of our street with lights flashing. Both vehicles had shiny Xmas decorations all over them. We decided to follow them to see where they went.

Continue reading

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Another Yearly Check-up

I went to the vet again today. Mum and the vet were both very pleased with me because I wasn’t as fat as last time. I sat on the wobbly table-thing again and weighed 38.4 kg today instead of the 41 kg I was at the same time last year …must be all those extra walks Mum’s been taking me on. 🙂 Continue reading

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Goodbye Hammond

Hammy13Mum and I are sad today because my cousin Hammond died this afternoon. At just over 7 years old Hammy was only about a year younger than me but he had a nasty cancer-lump-thing growing on his butt that his vet couldn’t fix. His people looked after him and loved him lots and they always made sure he was happy and comfy. But he was starting to have problems and today it was obvious that he was no longer a happy dog. Poor Hammy. 😥 There are some happy memories of him here on my dogblog. RIP dear cousin. 😥 😥


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I Saw a Black Bunny!

When Mum and I were going for our walkies tonight we saw a floppy-eared black bunny sitting in the front yard of a house, across the road from the local shops. I wanted to say hello to the bunny up close, but Mum wouldn’t let me. Continue reading

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A Thing on My Face

Today (16th August 2015) Mum noticed a sore looking thing on the left side of my face, just behind my eye. It could be just a scabby scratch I did to myself by poking my head in places I shouldn’t while trying to chase possums and rats, or it could be the beginnings of a histiocytoma or maybe even a far more serious and scary type of lump, so this is another thing I’ll possibly have to see my vet about. It doesn’t hurt and I’m not bothered by it at all, even when Mum touches it. Mum photographed it and I tried to be a good boy and sit still, but I didn’t like the flash so close to my face. When Mum didn’t use the flash she didn’t think the photos were clear enough. Here’s the photos anyway… Continue reading

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Staircase Dilemmas & Eyesight Problems?

Lately I’ve become a bit scared to go up the staircases inside the big people kennel. I have to get it just right and run up as fast as I can, without stopping, otherwise I can’t go up the stairs. Continue reading

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The Many Names of Shelby

Back in March 2012, when I wrote my “About Shelby” page, I said I’d tell you all how I got my name. Well, now I’ve finally remembered to do it. Continue reading

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Finally! …Another Walkies with Mum


I was watching a little tiny white dog who came out onto the street to challenge me. He thought better of it and stayed on the other side of the road.

Today was only the second walk I’ve had with Mum since she broke a toe on her back left paw. That happened a very long time ago and it was 8 weeks after that before I got my first walk. Continue reading

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Backyard Floods and Fun with Mum

Lots and lots of skywater has been falling for a few days now and the noisy sky thing has been making bright flashes and growling very loudly a lot too …so of course I have to bark at it to show it who’s top dog around here and tell it to stay away from my family. I went outside with Mum this morning when the skywater stopped for a while. I liked being outside and running through the deep water that had appeared in parts of my yard. Continue reading

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Hanrob Holiday Time Again

My youngest human-brother had his 18th birthday party the day before yesterday but Mum decided beforehand that I would have more fun if I went to Hanrob again so I wouldn’t be around all the noise and stuff. Continue reading

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After we went for an early morning walkies Mum let me use her iPhone to takes some selfies today. Originally she just wanted to photograph her new shoes but because she sat down on the floor to do this I insisted on sitting in her lap — yes all 41 kg of me in Mum’s lap —  so she gave up on trying to photograph her stupid shoes, hehe — cuddling me was much more fun. bc2

IMG_4164 Continue reading

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Muzzled, groomed, then a vet visit

muzzleI hate being brushed, so of course I keep snapping at Mum’s hands and giving her warning bites but she doesn’t seem to learn and just yells at me and keeps brushing anyway. I also hate this new thing Mum tried on me today called a muzzle! She tricked me by giving me a liver treat then slipped the black thing over my nose and did up a strap behind my head. Continue reading

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Border Collie Meet-up

On this afternoon’s walkies I got to meet Bella and Kadie — both Border Collies. bc2bordercpbc2  We all met up outside of Bella’s house. Kadie and her mum were walking towards us and had already stopped to talk to Bella who was tied up on a long rope that stretched out to the footpath. Mum and I approached cautiously  because a long time ago Bella had barked and growled and chased after me, biting and snapping at my heels as we tried to walk past her house when she wasn’t tied up one day. Continue reading

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Walk, sniff, pee, walk, sniff, pee…

So many wonderful new smells!

So many wonderful new smells!

Mum thinks we both need to walk more so she’s been taking me for longer walks over the last few days. This is a good thing because we go to different streets sometimes and there are so many new smells for me to discover and even more things to pee on! Continue reading

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Walkies to the Creek


Mum took me for a walk today, once the sky water finally stopped falling. This time we went to see the creek …the same creek where Mum and I saw the Dragon last year. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 7 years old today and one of my big man-brothers gave me a special treat for my birthday. Yum!! No time to write a blog …must get back to eating. Woof!



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This post used to have a sad title, but now it has a happy title. WOOF!  happy happyhappy

Only a short time ago today Mum asked me to write this blog post to help find our little friend Gracie, a Mini Schnauzer who had been lost for nearly 2 days, so I did …I’m such a good boy. Gracie’s family (and my Mum) are beside themselves with happiness now that she’s safe at home again. In fact I’m so happy I could pee …or chase a ball …or eat something. I know, I’ll get my treat-ball and maybe Mum will fill it up for me so I can chase food-in-a-ball around the house (the peeing can wait). Food is good! Gracie is home, woohoooooo!! It’s a good day to be a dog! 😀

Continue reading

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Split toe nail again

Just over a year ago I had a sore paw and now I’ve gone and done it again! The 4th toe on my right back leg has a split nail and one half of the nail broke off all the way up one side, leaving the pink fleshy bit inside exposed again  …same toe as last time and around the same time of year! …and there was long grass in the backyard then too! Mum’s not sure how I did it, and again I’m not telling …maybe it caught in the grass? I’m walking ok and just licking it sometimes (not all the time) so Mum’s just going to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t get infected and hopefully it’ll heal up by itself like it did last time …but she will take me to the vet if necessary. Continue reading

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I’m Limping

For a while now Mum has noticed that I limp a little bit on my front legs after getting up from lying on the floor and I seem to recover after walking around for a little bit. But now I’m limping on my back legs, mainly my left, as well. I also prefer to lie on the cool tile floors inside a lot more now or the cold hard concrete when it’s hot outside. Mum’s worried that I might be hurting my legs and joints on these hard surfaces and she’s a bit annoyed that I don’t use my comfy hammock bed she bought for me. I still like being on the mattress inside my kennel though. Continue reading

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Another Hanrob Holiday

My family went on a holiday to some place called New Zealand so I got to stay at the Hanrob Pet Hotel at Heathcote again, this time for a whole 19 days! As usual I looked forward to my holiday and having my photos taken so they could put them on Facebook for Mum to see while she was away. Continue reading

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I’m Fat!

Mum took me to the vet again to have my yearly check-up and weigh-in. As soon as I got into the vet’s waiting room I was very eager to go straight in but Mum said I had to wait so I laid down on the floor, excitedly wagging my tail against Mum’s feet. Very soon a nice lady and a tall boy came out of the vet’s room. They both said how beautiful I was as they patted me, but their cat in the cage didn’t agree and it hissed at me. I don’t like cats …they’re too strange and unfriendly. Continue reading

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More Exciting Walkies with Mum

Mum took me for walkies earlier than usual this afternoon to make sure we got home in time, before it was likely to rain. We met Toby the Border Collie again. We haven’t seen him for a long time but today he was outside peeing in his neighbours’ front yard and he came over and said, “Hi”. Continue reading

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Another Walkies with Mum

Mum and I go for lots of walks in the evening but today she decided we’d go earlier (around 1pm) as it looked like it might start raining later. I don’t like walking in the rain. The raindrops fall in my eyes and make me blink. Mum doesn’t like it either as she gets all wet and cold and has to take off her outer skins when we get home. Continue reading

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Sixty-three Ravens (and One Dragon)

(Click image to enlarge)

(Click image to enlarge)

Sixty-three ravens flew out of the sun
as my dog and I walked by.
“Where are they going?” my dog did ask.
“To the moon,” was my reply.

The sun was setting so low in the west
when the ravens appeared in the sky.
My dog and I counted them one by one
as they flew in small groups up so high.

We marched up the hill to the road at the top
then turned to go down the main street.
The ravens kept coming in dribs and in drabs,
ne’er before had we seen such a treat!    Continue reading

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“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” …NOT!!!

Not every dog has a blog but I know that those who do put a lot of effort into making their blogs unique …with their own special “scent”.  A couple of weeks ago a particular human started following my blog, so of course I went to have a friendly sniff at her blog. I was horrified to see that her blog looked exactly like mine! Continue reading

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A Sore Paw

Mum noticed me licking my paw last Wednesday (13th Feb) so she took a closer look and saw that I’d somehow broken the nail on the 4th toe of my right back leg, exposing all the pink fleshy ‘quick’ that’s supposed to be inside the nail. I also had a small wound on the inner side of the same leg where some hair was missing and the skin was scraped and scabby looking. Plus, I’d managed to scrape a bald batch beside my right eye. Continue reading

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Farewell Milo

Milo3Although I had never met Milo “dog to dog” I was very familiar with his scent as whenever my mum visited Milo’s mum she would come home with Milo’s smell on her hands plus his doggy hairs on her clothes which I would thoroughly investigate. Milo was a Tibetan Spaniel so he was much smaller than me. Mum always liked patting Milo when she went to visit and sometimes he sat beside her on the lounge or even on her lap and enjoyed being stroked and scratched behind the ears and generally made a fuss of. Sometimes he would lie on her feet under the coffee table and gaze longingly at her with his big brown eyes, hoping to share a biscuit or two. Continue reading

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Introducing… Hammond!


Shelby’s “cousin” Hammond.

My people-family all went out and left me home alone so nothing exciting happened to me today, unless you count getting breakfast 3 hours early …that was really good! …and the Schmackos, Pig’s Ear and Liver Treats I got when I had to go back outside just before they left.

They went to visit Mum’s brother and his family and Mum finally got to meet their dog, Hammond, for the very first time. I guess you could say that Hammond is my “cousin”. He’s a 4 1/2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback / Mastiff cross and Mum thinks he’s gorgeous …but not as handsome as me of course. 😉 Continue reading

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Tex & Casey

Mum and I went for walkies again yesterday afternoon for the first time in a while as it was finally a bit cooler after a few VERY hot days. We live near LOTS of bushland and it’s been so hot here that my people family have got their noisy, smelly, water spraying machine-thing set up in my backyard, which is a bit annoying as it’s right in the way of where I like to run to chase balls. Still, I s’pose I can always run around it, and it is fun to try to chase the water when they start it up to test it …it makes a much BIGGER water squirt than the garden hose! Continue reading

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I’m Very Photogenic!

My second oldest man-brother (or “Son2” as Mum refers to him online) took some photos of me recently, so I thought I’d share some of them here…


Ok, I’ll smile for the camera.

Continue reading

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Skin tags and other boring stuff

elbow-tumour-20121218Mum discovered a weird little fleshy thing hanging off my left elbow today. She told me to note it down here so she could remember when she discovered it. She read stuff about skin disorders in dogs and decided that it was probably just a benign skin tag as they are common in older dogs, especially larger breeds. Continue reading

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Another Check-up at the Vet’s

Mum took me to the vet’s again this afternoon, this time for my annual check-up and vaccinations. As usual I was reeeeeeally excited when Mum put my special harness on me as I know that means I’m going in the car. I did my very best to jump into the back of Mum’s car but she still had to help me by lifting my butt in once I got my front paws inside. Continue reading

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Lipoma Lumpy Things

When Mum was trying to groom me and trim away some icky hair between my back legs recently she noticed I had a lump under my skin. I let her examine it and then she went to her computer and read things for a while. Afterwards she told me she thought my lump was probably a lipoma and that it was nothing to worry about, but we should go to see my vet anyway. Continue reading

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Holiday at Hanrob again!

I had another great holiday at the Hanrob Pet Hotel at Heathcote while my people went away for the weekend. I’ve been there lots of times before this and I’ve always had so much fun hanging out with the other dogs.

Continue reading

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Shelby is 5 years old today!

Happy Birthday Shelby!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Shelby
Happy Birthday to you-ooooooooooooooo! 😀

To the best Border Collie in the whole world, lotsa luv, cuddles and extra yummy doggie treats from Mum!

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Four dogs a-walking

Mum and I went for another walk today. She wanted to stay home and do that boring stuff she calls “housework” but I had other plans. When Mum got annoyed with me for constantly bringing toys to her and nudging her hand with them I flopped down on the floor. My sad, bored look eventually got to her as I lay despondently on the floor, doing my best to look neglected, and she finally gave in …hehe …works every time! Continue reading

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What Dog Breed are You?

Hi …Shelby’s Mum here. I did one of those silly online quizzes just for fun. This one was called, “What Dog Breed are You?” I was quite blown away by the result. Continue reading

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Doorway Dog ~ Guardian of the ‘Crossroads’

I’m very particular when it comes to choosing a snoozing spot inside my family’s big kennel. I strategically place myself to have maximum awareness of the surrounding areas so I know where everyone is and I can see what they’re up to. Basically, I guard the crossroads so that no matter where anyone is, especially my Mum, they have to step over or around me to go anywhere else. If I think I’m about to miss out on something I simply stand up as they try to step over me …that usually slows ’em down, hehehe …especially as I’m 63cm tall at the shoulder! Mum took some photos of me on “guard duty”. Continue reading

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Mmmmm …Chocolate Bilby!

It was just before the time that my people called “Easter” that I found some really yummy things to eat. For some reason my family seemed quite upset that I’d been able to find this special food and had eaten it. I thought it was probably for me, after all, it was left on the floor …and it smelled soooo yummy I just had to have it! But, I suppose I should start this story at the beginning… Continue reading

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Daisy Days

Daisy the Labrador was my friend and came to my place to play with me sometimes. I called those days “Daisy Days”. She belonged to the girlfriend of one of my man-brothers. Mum took photos on a couple of occasions when Daisy came to visit so I thought I’d share these pictures of Daisy and me having fun taking turns in my big water tub on a hot sunny day on 15th January 2009. (You can click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to.) Continue reading

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