Welcome to “A Dog’s Blog …by Shelby”

WOOF!! …my name is Shelby. I’m a Border Collie dog and this is my blog!


I hope you enjoy reading my ‘Random Barking’ and ‘Recent Woofs’. Most of it is all about me, with photos and videos of me, my toys and my friends and sometimes I bark about other interesting doggy stuff, including other websites I think you might like (which are added to my ‘Tail Wags’ section). You can check out my older woofs in the ‘Buried Bones’ sections of the menu. I hope you enjoy sniffing around inside my blog. Please Lick the pages if you read something you like!


Featured post

A Tasty Visit to the Vet’s

I went to see my vet tonight and I was such a Good Boy that he gave me three liver treats! I usually only get one (or sometimes two). I sat on the wobbly table thing as usual when I arrived and the number on it was 35.8 kg, which means I’ve lost 1.2 kg since my last visit there 5 months ago. Mum and the vet both agree that it’s a Very Good Thing, especially because of my arthritic back legs. The vet gave me a liver treat for being a Very Good Boy. Continue reading “A Tasty Visit to the Vet’s”

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