Shelby ~ Pagan Pets

Here’s a little article my mum wrote about me for the Spheres Of Light eNewsletter – “Axis Mundi” – in June 2008. ~ Shelby.

Pagan Pets ~ “Shelby”


Meet our first “Pagan Pet”, Shelby, an 11mth old Border Collie owned by Jenwytch. As well as snuggling up in his warm, cosy doggy bed and spending time inside the house with the family, being attended to and adored, Shelby enjoys being outside playing tug-o-war, chase and fetch games, and going for walks. He loves the great outdoors – sand, dirt, water, mud – it’s all one big happy adventure!

Shelby also works diligently to develop and perfect his landscape design skills. His current project, which is well under way, is the creation of a lunar landscape in his backyard by digging craters of varying sizes in strategic locations. This helps him to stay well-grounded while also serving as his unique way of performing a lunar rite to honour the Goddess.

Like a lot of other pagans, Shelby proudly wears the five pointed star, although his is in the form of a red star-shaped dog tag with his name and phone number engraved on it.

Shelby was born on July 27, 2007 so he is governed by the sign of Leo, and the description of the Leo dog fits him perfectly! …

Leo: The Boss-Dog

The Leo Dog is the monarch dog. In short, a domineering canine …if given half the chance. This dog sees himself as a cut above all lesser species and will expect to be treated accordingly. However, this is not so bad as it might sound, for the Leo Dog has a knack of persuading people to treat him correctly without those individuals ever realizing they have been manipulated. This canine will need to be put firmly in his place when just a puppy, or there will be the expectation that an owner will fetch and carry for this dog for the rest of his life. If this can be accomplished, then the Leo Dog will be a charming and rewarding dog, much easier to live with than might be expected. Most Leo Dogs make for affectionate and cheerful companions.

Dog horoscope from Astrology Weekly

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  1. I enjoyed Shelby’s blog. Atticus (male Border Collie) is fourteen and a half this year and still active, in full time border collie mode. Shelby’s blog made me wake him up and pet him some more. Thank you.


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