Happy Anniversary! (Frontlining the Dog)

My mum wrote this too (on 25/10/2008) – she want’s to put all her early stuff about me here before I’m allowed to write any new entries. ~ Shelby

Today is my 28th wedding anniversary. So close to Beltane and I never realised it back then …so many years ago now. How does one spend a 28th anniversary? Well, just like any other day really. I did a couple of loads of washing, picked up dog poo off the back lawn between wash cycles, spent some time doing business tax paperwork (my BAS ….aaaargh! …hate, loathe, detest!!!!!) and drove kids back and forth – “mum’s taxi service”. Husband decided to climb up on the roof to clear accumulated crap out of the gutters – then slipped and fell onto the lower roof (split level house thank goodness!). Thought I was gonna be a widow for a second – but all was well – and no tiles broken either. 🙂

Husband and I did do one thing together later today – we “Frontlined” the dog. Now, the ads on TV show this as a pleasant, simple and very quick experience. Not so in reality! Our dog HATES being “Frontlined” – a liquid flea and tick treatment. So simple to apply (ha!) – just part the hair on the back of the dog’s neck and squirt a small, pre-measured amount of the liquid onto the dog’s skin. Yeah, right! Every month when this has to be done, Shelby fights and struggles and refuses to sit still like the smiling, obedient dogs in the TV ads. It’s a two person job every time – and the amount of liquid necessary seems far greater than what is shown in the ads. Husband tried valiantly to control the writhing beast between his legs so I could do what was necessary (no, the dog! …get your mind out of the gutter!). But in spite of Husband’s Herculean efforts I think the dog still won tonight’s battle …at least now I won’t get fleas or ticks for the next month or so …grrrrrrr!

Oh well, afterwards Husband barbequed a wonderful seafood dinner for the six of us (well, seven if you include the dog – he loves the prawn tails and heads – so much crunchy goodness!) We ate our meal while watching “Toy Story 2” on the kitchen TV, then retired to the loungeroom with a glass of bubbly to watch a 1960’s Godzilla dvd – youngest son’s favourite. Not exactly the most “romantic” evening, but still fun in its own weird way. 😀

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