Mum hasn’t taken me for walkies much over the last week so tonight we went on a really long walk …and we saw a big hopping animal go bounding across the road ahead of us. It was HUGE! …much, MUCH BIGGER than the rabbit I tried to chase one night …and it had a long black tail …kinda like a dog’s, not a rabbit’s stumpy tail. Mum called it a Swampie. I wanted to chase it too but I thought Mum probably wouldn’t like that so I was a good boy and just stood still and watched.

When we got home Mum helped me to find a picture of this huge hopping rabbit-thing to show you. She also told me it’s called a Swamp Wallaby and its scientific name is Wallabia bicolor …she just knows stuff like that from when she was a Zoologist.

Photo borrowed from http://www.survival.org.au Click image to go there.

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