Daisy Days

Daisy the Labrador was my friend and came to my place to play with me sometimes. I called those days “Daisy Days”. She belonged to the girlfriend of one of my man-brothers. Mum took photos on a couple of occasions when Daisy came to visit so I thought I’d share these pictures of Daisy and me having fun taking turns in my big water tub on a hot sunny day on 15th January 2009. (You can click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to.)

Daisy  came to stay with me for almost a week in January 2011. Mum made her a holiday kennel out of a big cardboard box so she could stay warm and safe when a huge thunderstorm happened one afternoon. Daisy liked her cardboard kennel, but of course her bed was much more comfortable when the weather was good. Sometimes I let her sleep in my kennel and I lay inside her cardboard kennel for a change, but Mum never had the camera ready whenever that happened.

My kennel, with Daisy’s bed behind it, followed by the box kennel Mum made for her.
Daisy and me just chillin’ on the verandah.
…and smiling for the camera.
I was a good boy and let Daisy drink from my water bowl.
We had fun exploring stuff in the garage together. It’s nice and cool in there on a hot day.
…and we both liked getting lots of love and attention.

Mum took lots and lots of photos on those summer “Daisy Days” in the January 2011 school holidays so here’s a few more of beautiful Daisy for you to enjoy. Labradors have such lovely big dark brown eyes.

Daisy was very old (14) and couldn’t walk easily anymore so her vet told her she had to take various medicines and supplements which would help the pain go away. She was a good dog and did as she was told and the medications worked well for a while but then one day, not very long ago, her back legs suddenly stopped working altogether and she could only drag herself along with her front legs. Her people were very sad and worried about this so they immediately took her to the vet again …but I guess they knew the news wouldn’t be good.

Daisy went for one last visit to the vet on the morning of Thursday, March 1st 2012, and there her spirit was released from her aged and broken body so she could run free and happy as a puppy again.

Goodbye Daisy …we all love you and miss you.

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