Doorway Dog ~ Guardian of the ‘Crossroads’

I’m very particular when it comes to choosing a snoozing spot inside my family’s big kennel. I strategically place myself to have maximum awareness of the surrounding areas so I know where everyone is and I can see what they’re up to. Basically, I guard the crossroads so that no matter where anyone is, especially my Mum, they have to step over or around me to go anywhere else. If I think I’m about to miss out on something I simply stand up as they try to step over me …that usually slows ’em down, hehehe …especially as I’m 63cm tall at the shoulder! Mum took some photos of me on “guard duty”.

The picture below shows me at the top of the stairs on the bedroom level. Everyone upstairs must pass by (or over) me to get anywhere else.

The next photo shows me at the bottom of that same staircase, effectively blocking easy access to the loungeroom, the kitchen/family room, downstairs, and of course, back upstairs again.

Here’s another photo of me, in roughly the same spot …from here I can check out all the rooms mentioned above plus I can see Mum downstairs in the laundry. I’ll know if she tries to go out to the back yard and in a flash I’ll get to the back door before she does. I might be a big boy, but I’m very, very fast!

Sometimes I will move downstairs, especially when things are happening there …I don’t like to be left out. Anyone trying to leave the house must pass by me here (well, almost …there is another staircase in the entrance foyer –behind me in the photo– but I’m close enough to get to that very quickly if I need to)  …I can see and hear the back and front doors as well as block my peoples’ access to the garage staircase, and I can still check out what’s happening upstairs.

The photo below shows me in one of my favourite places when things are happening in the kitchen …and I can check out the pantry here too and  I’m right beside the fridge …tasty things come from those places!

Here’s me in the dining room, surveying the kitchen/pantry/fridge and my bowls. Sometimes I prefer lying on the carpet rather than the hard, shiny floor. If I wait long enough maybe some tasties will miraculously appear in my food bowl. That does happen occasionally when Mum works at the kitchen bench.

Occasionally when Mum leaves her chair out of the way I like to lie in my “desk kennel” …it’s nice and cozy in there and I feel safe because nothing can sneak up behind me.

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