What Dog Breed are You?

Hi …Shelby’s Mum here. I did one of those silly online quizzes just for fun. This one was called, “What Dog Breed are You?” I was quite blown away by the result. I didn’t really know what to expect but according to this quiz I’m a Border Collie! 😀

What dog breed are you? I'm a Border Collie! Find out at Dogster.com

The extended profile description says:

Border Collie

The Achiever

You’ve heard about this “second-place ribbon” thing, but really don’t ever plan on getting one. Not a chance. Highly competitive, you keep one eye on the Best in Show prize and one on the rest of the pack, making sure you’re always at least one paw ahead. You love your family and enjoy the company you keep, but you’d trade all of them in a heartbeat for a corner office and some meaty stock options. When you’re not licking your professional coat, naked skydiving and triathlons keep you entertained. You idolize the top dog and will do so until you sniff out a way to take over the company and do a little “restructuring.”

Hmmm… not sure that it’s quite “me” in all respects… LOL

…it’s nice to know that my dog Shelby and I have so much in common! LOL! 😀

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