Four dogs a-walking

Mum and I went for another walk today. She wanted to stay home and do that boring stuff she calls “housework” but I had other plans. When Mum got annoyed with me for constantly bringing toys to her and nudging her hand with them I flopped down on the floor. My sad, bored look eventually got to her as I lay despondently on the floor, doing my best to look neglected, and she finally gave in …hehe …works every time!

Instead of playing around the house with my toys she decided to take me for a walk so off we went up the street, across the big scary road to the gum tree on the other side where all the dogs and I leave p-mails to be sniffed and deciphered. Many trees, light poles and fences later I was finally in the mood to just walk instead of sniff …for a while anyway.

We’d just got up some speed when we had to stop again as three little doggy-dudes came trotting towards us on the same path. I wanted to go up to them and say hello but Mum made me sit and wait. A man in a small car was driving slowly beside the three little dogs — a Beagle (definitely the leader of their pack) a scruffy black and brown Yorky/Silky and a white Maltese-ish fellow — as they confidently strutted their stuff, until they saw me. I was doing as Mum told me, sitting and waiting for them to approach and say howdy, but the Beagle got all bothered and hot under the collar and barked a few unkind words of warning at me then turned tail and walked the other way, his partners in crime scattering haphazardly around him as they skittered across the road in three different directions.

By this time the man in the car had gotten out and was saying something to Mum about the dogs belonging to his neighbour and that they had escaped their yard so he was trying to round them up and take them home. They obviously didn’t like him or trust him though as they kept their distance and skirted around him, even though he tried to speak kindly to them. He looked very worried and when they all scattered he said a rude word, then got back into his car, turned it around and followed them back through the roundabout and along another street. Mum and I continued walking past. After a while we looked back and saw the three of them in the distance coming back out of the side street, still followed by the little car …it did look comical!

A little further on we came across another dog out walking on his own! This one was a very timid and old miniature Fox Terrier who dashed off in a panic when he saw me. I just wanted to say hello, but I guess my impressive size was too overwhelming for him. I wondered if he belonged with the pack of little escapee dogs. He seemed happy checking out the front yards and was gradually heading towards where the others were, so Mum decided it was best to leave him alone. If he did belong with the others the man in the little car would soon spot him.

The rest of the walk was rather ordinary by comparison, but I still had fun! I like walkies!

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