Holiday at Hanrob again!

I had another great holiday at the Hanrob Pet Hotel at Heathcote while my people went away for the weekend. I’ve been there lots of times before this and I’ve always had so much fun hanging out with the other dogs.

When Mum and I first arrived early Saturday morning I jumped up and put my paws on the big high desk in reception, so I could look over and greet the person behind the desk and get extra pats and smiles. The lady behind the desk told Mum that my room mate would be a Black Labrador. I like Labradors …my friend Daisy was a Golden Labrador and we used to have fun together too. I’m always so excited to start my holiday that I don’t even turn around to say goodbye to Mum when I’m led out of the reception area to go to the kennels and doggy play areas etc. Of course I did the same thing this time, even as Mum called out, “Bye Shelby!” At least she knows I’m very happy to be there again.

For my “Unique Pet Experience” I chose the “Playtime Pals” option:

The more social pooch will love spending two hours playing with similar dogs in our dog park, having a great time while learning how to be more social and interactive.

Here’s the photos a nice Hanrob lady took of me to show how very handsome I am. Unfortunately there wasn’t time to take any when I was playing with the other dogs so my photos were taken early this morning and then put on the Hanrob Facebook page so Mum could see them. I did my best to smile at the camera but, being a dog, I didn’t know about sunlight and shadows’n’stuff and in some of them I was facing the wrong way so there’s shadows on me. Mum said it’s ok though, she loves them all anyway and she’s very happy I have some photos of my holiday. 😀

Mum wanted me to have a bath before I came home so I had to endure that this afternoon to keep her happy. If you’ve read my earlier blog about grooming you’ll understand how much I hate being bathed and groomed! The Hanrob people bathed me in stuff that makes me not smell like a dog anymore (but Mum loves the way I smell now!) and they brushed my lovely thick coat so it looked and felt all soft, silky and super clean and fluffy …a look that I’m not too sure I like, but again Mum loves it. Still, I knew I could probably fix all that by rubbing and rolling in stuff when I got home …hehe. 😉

When Mum arrived to take me home, one of the trainers —  a nice lady called Charmaine — came and got me, put my car harness on me and took me out to see Mum. I could hardly contain myself, I was so pleased to see her again and I wanted to tell her all about my holiday! Emily (who took the photos of me) gave Charmaine my report card to give to Mum and both Charmaine and Emily said how polite and gentle I am and also how I love having my photo taken. Mum was very proud of me for being such a good boy! My report card said:

  • I settled in: easily (not ‘gradually’ or ‘eventually’)
  • Staff thought I was: playful (rather than ‘cuddly’ or ‘naughty’)
  • At meal time I behaved: politely (not ‘fussy’ or ‘impatiently’)
  • My energy level was described as: active (rather than ‘sporty’ or ‘relaxed’)
  • My primary carer was: Angela
  • My best friend was: Paige
  • My favourite activity was: playtime
  • Comments: Shelby had a great time on his holiday at Hanrob Pet Hotels. We hope to see Shelby again soon.

Yep, I’ll be going back again sometime soon! WOOF!

We said goodbye and Mum took me outside and I got into the back of her new station wagon. The trip home was only the second time I’ve been in the new car and I was still feeling a bit nervous about it, but I suppose I’ll eventually get used to it. Now the back window has got more of my snot and drool on it, the car is tasting and smelling a little bit more ‘homey’.

When I got home I tried to rub my new smell off by rolling and rubbing on the carpet but after a while I realised that wasn’t going to work. When I went outside I found that even my kennel doesn’t smell like “me” anymore because Mum washed it, my blankie and the whole back verandah while I was away. My blankie, which was neatly spread out and tucked in around my mattress inside my kennel, smells kinda like flowers! Grrrrr! What is it with people and all these confusing smells? Oh well, after a few days things should start to smell better again …and maybe I can find something really good and stinky somewhere in the backyard that I can roll in.

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