Another Check-up at the Vet’s

Mum took me to the vet’s again this afternoon, this time for my annual check-up and vaccinations. As usual I was reeeeeeally excited when Mum put my special harness on me as I know that means I’m going in the car. I did my very best to jump into the back of Mum’s car but she still had to help me by lifting my butt in once I got my front paws inside.

When we got there I led the way, excitedly dragging Mum behind me in my eagerness to get inside. The nice lady inside gave me a liver treat, then when I went into the vet’s room he gave me another liver treat after I stood on the wobbly table thing. This time when he looked at the little box above it he said, “39.8” and then told Mum she’d have to reduce my food again. Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good at all! I love my food! Mum’s been very sick for a while and hasn’t been able to take me for lots of walks so maybe that’s why I’ve gotten fatter since my last visit.

The vet also checked my lipoma lumpy thing and seemed happy that it hadn’t grown (he said it’s about 13mm) or changed in any way. Mum then held me tight while the vet gave me my injection – I didn’t feel a thing, it was so quick! Then I got another liver treat for being such a good boy. I love liver treats! Woof!

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