Skin tags and other boring stuff

elbow-tumour-20121218Mum discovered a weird little fleshy thing hanging off my left elbow today. She told me to note it down here so she could remember when she discovered it. She read stuff about skin disorders in dogs and decided that it was probably just a benign skin tag as they are common in older dogs, especially larger breeds. Hmm… I’m not exactly old …more “young-middle-aged” I’d say, but I certainly am large. Mum said we can go to the vet some time after Xmas and get it checked out. I may have had it for ages and ages and she’s just never noticed. It doesn’t bother me, even when Mum touches it, BUT I draw the line at photography!

Her camera makes weird buzzy, clicky noises and I just don’t like it! Everything was fine until she tried to photograph the tumour-thing on my elbow. She growled at me ‘cos I wouldn’t sit still and kept trying to pull my leg away from her hand. I even gave her warning bites but still she persisted! I let her get one overexposed photo but that was it …the others were all blurry …hehe …I win again!

Then she pulled out a plastic stick she called a ruler …she said she wanted to measure my elbow lump but I wasn’t going to have any of that either. Mum managed to guess that my skin-tag-lumpy-thing is about 10mm long by about 4 to 5mm thick. I’m very suspicious of any “implements” any human brings near me. Bare hands are fine but as soon as they’re holding something, that’s it …it’s war!

Anyway, I’ve got some serious snoozing to catch up on here in the nice cool air-conditioning, so see ya later. 😀

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  1. Thanks for sharing…I just found something similar on our bernese mountain dog today, but his has hair growing out of it, yuk! I like your idea of measure the growth and monitoring its size. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious.

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