Tex & Casey

Mum and I went for walkies again yesterday afternoon for the first time in a while as it was finally a bit cooler after a few VERY hot days. We live near LOTS of bushland and it’s been so hot here that my people family have got their noisy, smelly, water spraying machine-thing set up in my backyard, which is a bit annoying as it’s right in the way of where I like to run to chase balls. Still, I s’pose I can always run around it, and it is fun to try to chase the water when they start it up to test it …it makes a much BIGGER water squirt than the garden hose!

Anyway, I digress, so back to my walkies story… (yes, I’m a very clever dog so I know words like digress, even though I might prefer to call a portable water pump with fire hoses a machine-thing, hehe)

There was a man holding a baby in the front yard of one of the houses we walked past. He was also talking to 2 dogs in his yard and as the dogs started to come over to greet us he looked at us and said, “Hello, they’re ok, they won’t hurt you.” Mum wasn’t worried though and she smiled at the man and told him she loves Bull Terriers (but I know she thinks Border Collies are even better 😉 ). The man was surprised that Mum knew what kind of dogs they were as other people had called them Pit Bulls and all sorts of other wrong names. He invited us into his yard to say hello to Tex and Casey.

Tex was a brown and white, very old and blind male, and much taller than Casey who was a younger black and white female. Tex and I had a wonderful time circling and butt-sniffing but Casey didn’t want to say hello to me. She ran and hid behind the man’s car then went and sat in the front doorway of the house and just looked at us. The man kept calling her but she refused to come and play. Oh well, maybe I’ll get to butt-sniff with her if we see her again on another walk.

After Mum and the man had a nice chat and Tex and I had gotten thoroughly acquainted with each other it was time to move on. The man thanked us for coming in to say hello. I guess he was happy we did because lots of other people are scared of his dogs as they think Bull Terriers are ferocious, evil creatures …which they’re not at all really. The man said what good dogs they were and how they’re loyal and great with kids. He’s a nice man and he spoke to me politely and patted me on the head before we left.

This is not Tex and Casey, but they did look a bit like these two.
This is not Tex and Casey, but they did look a bit like these two dogs.

(Photo from http://www.dailypuppy.com/puppies/daphne-the-bull-terrier_2010-08-11)

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