A Sore Paw

Mum noticed me licking my paw last Wednesday (13th Feb) so she took a closer look and saw that I’d somehow broken the nail on the 4th toe of my right back leg, exposing all the pink fleshy ‘quick’ that’s supposed to be inside the nail. I also had a small wound on the inner side of the same leg where some hair was missing and the skin was scraped and scabby looking. Plus, I’d managed to scrape a bald batch beside my right eye.

It’s one week later now and I still haven’t told her how I did this to myself. She’s been speculating though …wondering if maybe the Blue-tongued Lizard came back and I tried to get at it in amongst the sandstone chunks in the retaining wall, behind the concrete blocks …or perhaps I got my feet stuck in one of the garden chairs and face-planted out of it onto the concrete, tearing my toe-nail at the same time. I’m not telling! A dog’s gotta have some secrets!

I know she’s been thinking about maybe taking me to the vet, but as I’m walking on it ok and only licking it sometimes she’s just keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get any worse. On Saturday she wanted to have a closer look but I whimpered and tried to bite her hand off when she touched it because it hurt and I was scared. Today though I let her touch it ever so gently …it’s getting better but it’s still sore and there is a little bit of pink blood stain on the white hair between my toes. Even if she took me to the vet I wouldn’t let him touch it either, so for now Mum can just wait and watch. It’s not swollen and there’s no yucky oozy stuff coming out of it, and like I said, I walk ok and I only lick it sometimes. My two little bald patches are healing up nicely too.

The only other downside to having a sore paw is that Mum’s not taking me for walks anymore because she want’s my paw to be ok first, and I don’t get to chase balls up the back yard very much. Mum mostly just throws them straight up in the air for me to catch, so I don’t have to run …it’s not as much fun.

I wish my paw would get better faster!



Update ~ 6th March: My paw was getting a lot better and I actually let Mum touch it and have a slightly better look. I’ve hardly worried about it at all for a few days now. BUT, last Friday (1st March) Mum threw some balls for me to chase as my paw seemed fine, but running in the long grass made it bleed again. Mum took me inside and tried to wash my foot but I wouldn’t let her do it properly. I decided that licking it clean was a better option. Then on Sunday night (3rd) when Mum wheeled the garbage bins along the side path to take them out to the street Kelly (the big Great Dane next door) stuck her head over the fence, as usual, to bark at Mum and the bins. So then of course I got all excited (as usual) and ran around in circles barking and running up and down the concrete stairs and also jumping on and off my Barking Chair (the chair I stand on to be high enough to see over the fence and bark at Kelly each time) and my paw started bleeding again. Kelly and I do this barking thing every time Mum takes the bins out or brings them back in …it’s one of the high points of our week! As soon as the bins are gone we stop and the neighbourhood is quiet again. Mum was worried about my paw so she tipped some water over it to wash the blood away …I still won’t let her put my foot in a tub of water to soak it properly (I’m very stubborn and uncooperative sometimes!). It was a little bit sore but only needed a bit of licking once I got back inside the people-kennel on the nice cool vinyl floor.  Mum also discovered I’ve scraped a bit of skin and hair off the lower front of my left leg as well, since getting the other scrapes. I’m still not telling how I did these things!  (((sigh))) …I want to go for walkies again!

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