“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” …NOT!!!

Not every dog has a blog but I know that those who do put a lot of effort into making their blogs unique …with their own special “scent”.  A couple of weeks ago a particular human started following my blog, so of course I went to have a friendly sniff at her blog. I was horrified to see that her blog looked exactly like mine!

This lazy, unimaginative human had used the same WordPress theme, the same red and white doggy pawprint background image (which is not part of the theme but something my mum found elsewhere on the internet) and she had also copied my original ideas of replacing ‘hits’ with ‘sniffs’, ‘recent posts’ with ‘recent woofs’, ‘archives’ with ‘buried bones’, and ‘blog roll’ with ‘tail wags’ …and this human copied the first half of my welcome message (3 whole sentences) word-for-word, substituting her own dog’s name and breed into the first sentence! I was NOT impressed to see a clone of my blog! When I looked at her blogroll and clicked on the various links I discovered she had another of her own blogs which was also identical in design and layout to mine, with sniffs, recent woofs, buried bones and tailwags! Plus my blog was included in her blogroll, which I don’t really mind except that with her blogs looking like mine it makes mine look like it’s one of hers …GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Mum immediately wanted to write all sorts of bad things to and about this stupid human but because I’m such a polite and sensible boy I was able to talk her out of it. After all, using the same WordPress theme is not a crime, using the same red and white paw print background image found elsewhere on the internet is not a crime. However, copying my introduction message word-for-word and stealing my cute doggy section names is PLAGIARISM and that’s the part that really upsets me and my mum.

Although, after calming down, stepping back a bit and taking the time to go sniff at all the wonderful smells in my world, pee on a few things, dig a few holes and chew on some really yummy bones, I realised that in the grand scheme of things this pathetic plagiarism of my beautiful blog was really not that important or worth getting upset about. I guess I should take it as a compliment that this poor, sad human liked my blog soooooo much that she had to copy my ideas for her own dogs to use.

This morning — 2 weeks and 4 days after we discovered the plagiarism — Mum helped me to Google the silly human’s name to find her blogs again. She’s removed the original 2 blogs that Mum and I found (only the Google caches remain of those) but she has replaced them with newer blogs, both of which are still using my ideas of sniffs, recent woofs, buried bones and tail wags. At least the paw print image is no longer being used as well — that would really make the blogs look identical to mine. Her dogs are all very cute and lovely but I wish they’d come up with their own original ideas to use on their own blogs.

OK, my noisy ‘barking at shadows’ session is now over …time for a snooze on the lounge and then maybe a game of fetch in the backyard.




Update: 30/1/2014 ~ I just went sniffing around “that” person’s blogs again. She moved to Blogger instead of WordPress but she still used my “dog words” for the different sections of her blogs! Grrrrrr! Seems she’s lost interest though as the 2 blogs I found for her dogs Darcy and Bailey haven’t had anything added since August last year and her 3rd ‘mummy’ blog has even been deleted. Some people are very strange!

2 thoughts on ““Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” …NOT!!!

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  1. I apologize for copying your blog. I have changed the backgrounds and sidebars on my blogs, but as for the theme, it’s the only theme I like at the moment. again, I apologize for upsetting you.


    1. Thank you for your apology and for making changes to your blogs. 🙂 Using the same theme is fine — anybody can use any WordPress theme they like. It was just the direct copying of all my “dog words”, my introduction and using the same red pawprint background (combined with the same WP theme) that got us annoyed. Your bright pink pawprint background looks much nicer with the photos of your gorgeous pups. 😀
      Woof! ~ Shelby


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