Another Walkies with Mum

Mum and I go for lots of walks in the evening but today she decided we’d go earlier (around 1pm) as it looked like it might start raining later. I don’t like walking in the rain. The raindrops fall in my eyes and make me blink. Mum doesn’t like it either as she gets all wet and cold and has to take off her outer skins when we get home.

Anyway, nothing unusual happened today  …we didn’t see any ravens or dragons this time so it wasn’t very exciting. Mum took some photos on her iPhone of me walking with my blue leash. I’m a very good boy now and mostly do as I’m told when I’m on my blue leash. I don’t like the “Halti” head collar though and sometimes I try to rub it off on the grass, but Mum just rubs my face for me and then it feels ok again.

Well, that’s all for now …I said it wasn’t very exciting …hehe. Hope you like my photos…

...still walking...
…still walking…
...are we there yet?
…are we there yet?

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