More Exciting Walkies with Mum

Mum took me for walkies earlier than usual this afternoon to make sure we got home in time, before it was likely to rain. We met Toby the Border Collie again. We haven’t seen him for a long time but today he was outside peeing in his neighbours’ front yard and he came over and said, “Hi”. We sniffed bums and circled for a bit before Toby decided to go back home. Toby’s mum was in their front yard checking the letterbox, which was why Toby was out and about, so I went to say hello to her too. She patted me on the head while I sniffed her crotch …something that only “dog people” seem to understand and tolerate, even if only briefly. It’s just what dogs do. 🙂

As we continued on our way home we heard the thunder getting closer, but at least it wasn’t raining. When we were almost home we met Casey the Bull Terrier. Casey and I circled and sniffed bums too. She was out for walkies with her Dad. Mum asked where Tex was and their dad said that Tex didn’t like going for walkies anymore as he was old and preferred to stay at home and snooze.

We said goodbye to Casey and her dad then crossed the road to go home. Fortunately it started raining a bit later, so I didn’t have to get wet and have yukky rain splashing in my eyes. Well, that’s my exciting afternoon. Woof!

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