I’m Fat!

Mum took me to the vet again to have my yearly check-up and weigh-in. As soon as I got into the vet’s waiting room I was very eager to go straight in but Mum said I had to wait so I laid down on the floor, excitedly wagging my tail against Mum’s feet. Very soon a nice lady and a tall boy came out of the vet’s room. They both said how beautiful I was as they patted me, but their cat in the cage didn’t agree and it hissed at me. I don’t like cats …they’re too strange and unfriendly.

Finally it was my turn to see the vet so I raced in, dragging Mum behind me, and jumped straight onto the wobbly-table-thing that tells the vet how heavy I am …41.6kg this time. Apparently this is not a good thing because I heard the vet tell Mum she’d have to reduce my food! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I love my food and I don’t think Mum feeds me enough as it is! More food is good! People have got it all wrong! I agree with the dog in the picture above …he’s definitely got the right idea!

The vet also checked my lipoma lumpy thing and my skin tag thing and said they’re both ok and nothing to worry about. That’s good …and it doesn’t involve taking away any more food!

Mum told the vet I needed to have my vaccinations …whatever they are. The vet got something out of the fridge and I hoped it was food, but he didn’t give me anything. Then he started fiddling with a little bottle and a glass thing and it was boring so I decided that sniffing at the tiny gap under the door was more interesting. There was another dog on the other side, then a second dog. Things were just starting to get interesting when Mum called me back over to the middle of the room where I decided to lie down. The vet knelt down beside me, but I noticed he had something in his hand and it didn’t smell like food. I thought he was going to try to groom me or put that yukky Frontline stuff on my back so I rolled onto my back so he couldn’t get to me …hehe. Mum was not impressed and she told me to stand up, which I did, then she told me to sit, which I also did …sheesh! I wish she’d make up her mind! Then she held me tight and said nice things to me while the vet did something to the top of my shoulders …it felt strange but it didn’t hurt, then he rubbed my shoulders briskly over the same spot. I don’t know what that was all about but it felt good.

I remembered from the last time I saw the vet that I always got a yummy treat, but this time he didn’t give me any, even though I could see them in a jar on the shelf …must be because I’m too fat and he didn’t want to make me fatter :::sigh:::

Finally it was time to go but the vet went out first …he said he wanted to see what’s out there because somebody might have a cough and be contagious. Hmmm… I already knew who was out there as we’d “met” under the door. The vet came back and said it was ok to go out as “they” were sitting in the corner. One looked like a little Pug and the other a largish Chihuahua, both a pale cream colour …their mum made sure they couldn’t come out to greet me. I forgot about the germ thing and just wanted to say hello and play but Mum took me straight out to the car and left me there while she went back inside to do stuff …she told me she still had to pay for my visit …not sure what that meant but I didn’t get any food so I don’t really care what it was.

Mum decided she’d keep a graph of my weight, just like she does for hers because she’s fat too. I don’t really understand what a graph is and I don’t care. I just want more food! Anyway, Mum told me I have to put the stupid graph on my page so here it is…


Bye for now,

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