Another Hanrob Holiday

My family went on a holiday to some place called New Zealand so I got to stay at the Hanrob Pet Hotel at Heathcote again, this time for a whole 19 days! As usual I looked forward to my holiday and having my photos taken so they could put them on Facebook for Mum to see while she was away. I still haven’t got the whole photo-taking thing perfected yet as I always look away at the wrong time. Oh well, I’m a dog …hehe. Here’s the Hanrob person’s attempt at taking my photo…





Oh dear… I was being a good boy and paying attention to the man who was speaking to me. I can’t do that and look where he’s pointing at the same time!

When Mum came to get me I was very pleased to see her! She was pleased to see me too, and also very happy that I smelled so nice (to her nose anyway) as I’d been bathed in stinky-flower-smelling-stuff and brushed. Once she got me into my car harness we went outside and I surprised her by jumping straight into the back of her car without needing any help for the very first time! I’m such a clever dog! 😀

I was so glad to see Mum that I didn’t even worry about the little red bows the Hanrob people had put on my ears after my bath …until I got home that is. I went straight to the lounge and started rubbing my head in the cushions, trying desperately to get the stupid bows off. How undignified to have bows in my hair! Mum thought it was funny and said the cute red bows looked good with my black and white hair, and she particularly liked the little five-pointed stars made of ‘pearls’ that were on each bow  …grrrrrr! She even took photos so now I must suffer the indignity of displaying them here on my blog …grrrrr! …the things I do for my Mum!




After Mum took the bows off me she gave me lots of hugs and cuddles and checked me over thoroughly. She wondered why, even though I was all washed clean and fresh, my white paws all looked so stained around the bottom edges and between my toe pads, as if I’d been licking them a lot! I’ve never come home from Hanrob with brown paws before …but I wasn’t giving away any secrets.

A few days later Mum got an email with a request to do a customer feedback survey from Hanrob, which she answered as it was only 2 questions. Then another link came up on the screen asking her to write a testimonial but instead of doing that she decided to read what other people had written instead. There were lots of good things said about Hanrob but Mum was shocked to see so many bad things that people had written as well. A few people, in only the last couple of months or so – including the time of my stay there, had complained that their dogs hadn’t been washed before pickup and had come back with wet paws stinking of urine. Hmmm… urine can stain white dog hair a pinkish brown colour just like saliva does so now Mum’s worried that my paws are yukky coloured because of really bad, dirty, unhygienic and overcrowded conditions at the boarding kennel. However, she does agree that that explanation is better than me making my paws all brown and yukky by licking them all the time because they were sore or something. Either way, I’m not telling, but Mum is definitely not happy about the number of negative feedback messages she read about Hanrob. Some of the other people also wrote about how their dogs came back sick, or with fleas! Fortunately I’m ok and I don’t have fleas because Mum put “Frontline” on me the night before I went on my holiday …maybe those other people forgot to do that for their dogs. Hopefully bad things will not happen again because I don’t know where else I’d go for my holidays when my family go away for theirs.

Mum also noticed that the Hanrob website only has lovely, positive testimonials on it – which obviously makes sense from a business point of view. The negative (and a lot of positive) feedback is on another site (True Local – Hanrob Pet Hotels – Pet Boarding) which was linked at the end of the customer feedback survey which was hosted on “Survey Monkey” …Mum told me to write all that even though I don’t really understand it all, as I’m a dog and not interested in stuff like that.

Hanrob also didn’t give me a report card this time, which I was a bit annoyed about as I’d been a very good boy. Still Mum already knows that so I guess she doesn’t really need to see a report card. As they were only open for three hours on the afternoon of the Australia Day public holiday there were a lot of people coming to get their dogs, so I suppose they didn’t have time to write report cards.

Anyway, I’m very glad to be back home now.

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