I’m Limping

For a while now Mum has noticed that I limp a little bit on my front legs after getting up from lying on the floor and I seem to recover after walking around for a little bit. But now I’m limping on my back legs, mainly my left, as well. I also prefer to lie on the cool tile floors inside a lot more now or the cold hard concrete when it’s hot outside. Mum’s worried that I might be hurting my legs and joints on these hard surfaces and she’s a bit annoyed that I don’t use my comfy hammock bed she bought for me. I still like being on the mattress inside my kennel though.

I went for walkies with Mum this morning — I limped a bit when we first started but then got better, so she stopped worrying. Then afterward when I’d been lying around the house for a while I started limping on my left back leg again each time I got up. I was getting bored and Mum thought that maybe I was just a bit stiff from lying around so she took me outside to play ball. I like chasing the ball when it’s bounced off the wall first and I spin around and chase it up the yard, but each time I would spin to chase it my back left leg would bother me and I didn’t like to put any weight on it. Mum kept checking me and feeling my legs and hips and lifting my paw trying to have a look at it but she couldn’t see anything obviously wrong, apart from the sore patch on my right back leg where I’ve scraped the skin and hair somehow (and I’m not telling her how I did it). Now she’s told my man-brothers that I can’t play ball and I have to rest and maybe just go on gentle walks on my leash like I did this morning.

paw-osteoI’m only 6 1/2 years old so I shouldn’t be having old dog problems just yet …but I am a bit too fat according to Mum so she’s worried my slightly excess weight might be adding to my problems and want’s me to cut down on my food. She’s also giving me yummy chewy things she adds to my breakfast (glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, but as I’m a dog I don’t understand what they are).

I get bored lying around and want to play, but when I play my leg feels yukky and I can’t run, and when I can’t run I get fat, and when I get fat Mum cuts back my food! What’s a dog to do? If I’m not better in a couple of days Mum said she’d take me to the vet. In the meantime she looked online for all sorts of things, including: Border Collie Collapse, hip dysplasia and general stuff about lameness in dogs. One of Mum’s friends also sent us this link, 5 Ways to Prevent Arthritis In Our Pooch Pals.

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