Split toe nail again

Just over a year ago I had a sore paw and now I’ve gone and done it again! The 4th toe on my right back leg has a split nail and one half of the nail broke off all the way up one side, leaving the pink fleshy bit inside exposed again  …same toe as last time and around the same time of year! …and there was long grass in the backyard then too! Mum’s not sure how I did it, and again I’m not telling …maybe it caught in the grass? I’m walking ok and just licking it sometimes (not all the time) so Mum’s just going to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t get infected and hopefully it’ll heal up by itself like it did last time …but she will take me to the vet if necessary.

Mum’s also still wondering if I hurt myself on her garden chairs by getting my legs caught through the plastic straps under the cushions so this time she’s rearranged ALL the furniture on the back verandah to make me use my dog stuff instead of the people-chairs. Four chairs are now pushed under the big table, which has been turned around, so I can’t get on them and the other two are across the other side, away from where I like to sit. But worst of all, the barbeque is where my Barking Chair used to be so now I can’t jump up on a chair to see Kelly, the Great Dane who lives next door! Because of these changes Mum had to put my kennel on the other side of the door into the people-kennel so it faces the opposite direction – it feels weird. She also put my hammock bed that I never use right near the verandah rail where I liked to either sit on the chair that used to be there to look out over the yard or lie on the cold concrete instead, also to look out over the yard. She wants me to use my hammock bed instead of the people-chairs or the hard concrete but I’m still wary of it, even after having it for a couple of years now. I like my kennel the best but now it faces the wrong way and everything feels WRONG! At least my inside-chair is still in the same place and is oooooh sooooo comfy for snoozing in …zzzzZZZZZ



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