This post used to have a sad title, but now it has a happy title. WOOF!  happy happyhappy

Only a short time ago today Mum asked me to write this blog post to help find our little friend Gracie, a Mini Schnauzer who had been lost for nearly 2 days, so I did …I’m such a good boy. Gracie’s family (and my Mum) are beside themselves with happiness now that she’s safe at home again. In fact I’m so happy I could pee …or chase a ball …or eat something. I know, I’ll get my treat-ball and maybe Mum will fill it up for me so I can chase food-in-a-ball around the house (the peeing can wait). Food is good! Gracie is home, woohoooooo!! It’s a good day to be a dog! 😀

Here’s what the first version of this page looked like, before the happy news…


Please be on the lookout for my little friend Gracie. She went missing in Engadine (Sydney, Australia) on Thursday 12th June 2014 and her owners (my Mum’s friends) are devastated by her loss and are desperate to see her back home safely. We are all very worried about her and miss her very much so please share this poster around with anyone you know who might be able to help …and if you have a WordPress blog you can “reblog” this entry to help spread it around.





Here’s a few more photos of Gracie to help you identify her …and so you can see how gorgeous she is (just click on them to make them bigger).

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