Walkies to the Creek


Mum took me for a walk today, once the sky water finally stopped falling. This time we went to see the creek …the same creek where Mum and I saw the Dragon last year. The Dragon wasn’t there this time (or maybe it was hiding) but the creek was flowing fast and the waterfall was noisy, so Mum decided it was a good place to take some photos of me. I did my best to sit still and face the right direction, but it’s always hard to know exactly what to do. Mum took 18 photos but decided I should just put the best 3 here on my blog (the ones where I didn’t get up too soon and walk away, or look the wrong way).

I also tried my paw at penning haiku. Mum wrote one on Facebook last night so I figured I could do it too!

Dog Haiku by Shelby

sky water fresh smells
joyful sniffing and peeing
life in earthy scents




Shelby-signature2I’m such a clever, handsome boy …hehe. bc2

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