Border Collie Meet-up

On this afternoon’s walkies I got to meet Bella and Kadie — both Border Collies. bc2bordercpbc2  We all met up outside of Bella’s house. Kadie and her mum were walking towards us and had already stopped to talk to Bella who was tied up on a long rope that stretched out to the footpath. Mum and I approached cautiously  because a long time ago Bella had barked and growled and chased after me, biting and snapping at my heels as we tried to walk past her house when she wasn’t tied up one day. Ever since then she’s always barked at me whenever we walk past her house. But today she seemed more relaxed as she’d just met Kadie, so her dad let her off her rope so we could all sniff butts and circle each other. We were all very well behaved and had fun meeting each other and being patted by all our people. Mum found out that Kadie only lives 3 houses down the hill from us. She’s a tiny little BC, even smaller than Bella, and compared to her I look huge! She was adopted by our neighbours because her original people didn’t want her. I’m so glad my family want me forever! I’m a very lucky dog. 🙂 I wonder if Bella will remember me and not bark at me next time I go past her house?


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