Muzzled, groomed, then a vet visit

muzzleI hate being brushed, so of course I keep snapping at Mum’s hands and giving her warning bites but she doesn’t seem to learn and just yells at me and keeps brushing anyway. I also hate this new thing Mum tried on me today called a muzzle! She tricked me by giving me a liver treat then slipped the black thing over my nose and did up a strap behind my head. But I’m a clever dog and I managed to get it off before she could try to brush my butt again! She got even more angry and called me strange names — I don’t think they were very nice words — while she adjusted the strap and the velcro thing and tried again. I managed to get it off about 5 or 6 times and each time she adjusted it and tried again until finally I had to give in and let her brush my butt. I didn’t like the spray thing either — Mum told me it would help smooth out the tangles so the brushing wouldn’t hurt so much, but that didn’t work very well either. After a bit more brushing she took pity on me and took off the muzzle and gave me a big hug and told me I was a good boy, then I got another liver treat …yum, I like liver treats!. 🙂

A bit later, Mum took me to the vet for my regular annual check-up and vaccinations. As usual I was very eager to go inside so I ran up the front steps, dragging Mum behind me, then pulled her in through the front door before she’d had time to open it fully. I love going to see the vet. I wanted to sniff everything but I had to sit still, then a lady came out of the other room holding a little brown dog in her arms. The little dog wanted to get down and greet me and play but his lady wouldn’t let go of him. We both wagged our tails furiously as we tried to sniff each other as he was carried past me and out the door. Then the nice lady behind the counter came and said hello to me and gave me lots of pats and tummy rubs before it was my turn to see the vet.

There was a different vet there this afternoon. I like him too because he gave me a yummy liver treat for being a good boy. When I got there I went straight to the wobbly table thing and sat on it, and he said 41 kg (I was 41.6kg last time). He and Mum also talked about my newer Lipoma Lumpy Things and he said that he’s quite confident that they’re just lipomas and not anything serious. I suppose that’s a good thing …though I didn’t really care as I was too busy sniffing all the smells coming in under the other door. I also heard them talking about pigs ears …YUM! …I love pigs ears! The vet was saying something to Mum about cutting them in half. I’m pretty sure this “half” business cannot be a good thing if it means making them smaller. grrrrrrrrr!!!! 😡

Then it was time to go so I let Mum put my car harness back on and when we got out to the car I was able to jump in the back all by myself again. Mum wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it or not as when I first got in the car to go to the vet I didn’t jump up properly and only got the top half of myself in so Mum had to lift my back end into the car — it was very awkward and I’m glad no-one else saw. But for the trip home I showed her I can do it by myself …I’m such a clever dog! Woof! bc2


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