Hanrob Holiday Time Again

My youngest human-brother had his 18th birthday party the day before yesterday but Mum decided beforehand that I would have more fun if I went to Hanrob again so I wouldn’t be around all the noise and stuff. People were going to be in the pool and I always like to chase up and down beside the pool fence when they splash and make noise but Mum doesn’t like it when I do that. I run so much I eventually have trouble breathing, and I also wear out all the grass and turn it into mud. Mud is good!

Mum took me to Hanrob early Saturday morning and came and got me again late on the Sunday afternoon. While I was having fun at Hanrob they took some photos of me… 😀

photo 1Sniffing at something interesting, followed by…

photo 2Hmmm… the photographer needs to be more observant …I don’t always pee with my leg up!

photo 3

photo 4

I got another report card this time too:

  • Staff thought I was playful and cuddly (but not cheeky)
  • My energy level was described as active (not relaxed or other)
  • My favourite activity was Playtime
  • Comments: Shelby is a beautiful boy. He is very sweet and loves to get cuddles from staff all day long.


As usual I had a bath and was brushed and groomed before going home. They made me smell like flowers again! Ggrrrrr …hopefully I’ll smell normal again soon! At least this time they didn’t put little bows in my hair! Mum thought they looked cute last time but I didn’t like them at all! Apart from the bath and all that blowing and drying and brushing, I did have a good time. 😀


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