Backyard Floods and Fun with Mum

Lots and lots of skywater has been falling for a few days now and the noisy sky thing has been making bright flashes and growling very loudly a lot too …so of course I have to bark at it to show it who’s top dog around here and tell it to stay away from my family. I went outside with Mum this morning when the skywater stopped for a while. I liked being outside and running through the deep water that had appeared in parts of my yard.

Mum opened the little door underneath the the part of the people-kennel that she calls a verandah …she said something about having to pump some water out of the overflowing swimming pool. I know from past experience that when that happens lots of water comes rushing out of a tap-thing and goes down a hole in one end of the garden. I am not allowed to snap and bark at it.

When she got into the little room under the verandah I heard her say a very bad word. After a while the tap-thing was spewing water down the hole and then Mum also started scooping water off the floor in the little room with a bucket and throwing the water out of the door. This looked like fun but I thought chasing a tennis ball would be better so I went and found a ball and stood in the doorway and waited for her to throw it for me. She kept throwing water past me and telling me to get out of the way, but I didn’t want to. I knew if I stood there long enough she’d eventually throw the ball for me.

My plan worked! I chased the ball and brought it back to her. I think she was trying to throw out the water as fast as she could while I was chasing the ball so I tried my best to bring it back as fast as *I* could each time …hehe. I soon realised it was better to approach from the front of the door, where she could see me coming, because when I tried sneaking in from the side I got hit with bucket loads of water each time, probably because she didn’t know I was there. I love running in puddles but I don’t like getting hit in the head with the water …and Mum laughed and called me silly each time it happened …grrrr. 😡

This game of fetch went on for a while until Mum decided she’d had enough and we went to the side path where the garbage bins are kept. Sometimes the bins smell sooooo good, but I’m not allowed to see what’s in them. There was deep water there too. Mum pulled the cover off the thing she called a drain and started digging dirt and leaves out of this drain thing …I was sad to see all the nice water disappear. At least I still had the deep water beside the pool to play in. 🙂

Eventually Mum decided it was time to go back inside but as I was all wet she had to dry me with a towel. I like being dried so I’m a good boy and sit still so Mum can rub the towel all over me. I also know that I’m not allowed back inside the people-kennel if I’m too wet. When we got inside she got another towel and dried me again …and then one more time after that!

Finally, after all my fun outside in the wet, I was dry and allowed to snooze on the lounge again. 🙂


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