Finally! …Another Walkies with Mum

I was watching a little tiny white dog who came out onto the street to challenge me. He thought better of it and stayed on the other side of the road.

Today was only the second walk I’ve had with Mum since she broke a toe on her back left paw. That happened a very long time ago and it was 8 weeks after that before I got my first walk. Then Mum got sick 3 days after our walk …she sounded like she had kennel cough! Mum coughed so much and so hard for another 2 weeks that she actually broke a rib! That was almost 2 weeks ago and she’s still coughing and barking, though not as much. So if you do the math (and I can because I’m such a clever dog …hehe) that’s only 2 walkies in almost 12 weeks! But it wasn’t all bad because I still had lots of fun chasing balls in the back yard and sometimes playing soccer or tug-o-war on my big rope with my man-brothers.

I really enjoyed today’s walkies …soooo much sniffing and peeing on stuff to catch up on! Mum took some photos of me on our walk.

Head down, sniffing the path ahead.
Stopping for a photo
The sun was too bright so I couldn't open my eyes much for this photo.
The sun was too bright so I couldn’t open my eyes much for this photo.

Hopefully I’ll get to go on lots more walkies now Mum’s feeling a bit better. bordercp


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