The Many Names of Shelby

Back in March 2012, when I wrote my “About Shelby” page, I said I’d tell you all how I got my name. Well, now I’ve finally remembered to do it.

Mum told me that the first day I came to live with my people-family no-one could agree on a name for me so I didn’t get my name until the next day. Mum said she had a dream/nightmare on the first night after she brought me home where she dreamt that she’d lost me and was frantically searching for me. In the dream she kept calling out my name, which was Shelby (and a name that she hadn’t heard of and which never came up in the many choices my family had considered the day before). Mum woke up thinking of me as ‘Shelby’ so, Shelby became my name …and the rest of the family agreed it was a good name too. 🙂

Since then I’ve accumulated quite a lot of other names too so I thought I’d add them here as well. I answer to all of them …especially when there might be food involved.

Shelby, Mr Shelby, Shelbeeno, Shelbeenie, Shelbeenie-weeny, Shelbot, Shelboticus, Shelbutt, Shebler, Shebbles, Shmelby, Shmoopy, Puppy, Mr Puppy, Poopy, Poopy-dog, McPoopenfangle, The Poopsicle, Poochley, Fluffbutt, Scuzzybutt, The Dog, Mr Dog, Doorway Dog, PossumBreath or Possum. 😀

That’s all I can remember for now. If any of my man-brothers read this feel free to add a comment with any names I’ve forgotten.


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