A Thing on My Face

Today (16th August 2015) Mum noticed a sore looking thing on the left side of my face, just behind my eye. It could be just a scabby scratch I did to myself by poking my head in places I shouldn’t while trying to chase possums and rats, or it could be the beginnings of a histiocytoma or maybe even a far more serious and scary type of lump, so this is another thing I’ll possibly have to see my vet about. It doesn’t hurt and I’m not bothered by it at all, even when Mum touches it. Mum photographed it and I tried to be a good boy and sit still, but I didn’t like the flash so close to my face. When Mum didn’t use the flash she didn’t think the photos were clear enough. Here’s the photos anyway…

(Click any image to enlarge and scroll through the collection)

Histiocytomas are common skin tumors typically seen in younger dogs (less than 3½ years old). They can occur in dogs of any age, however. The head, ears, and limbs are the most common sites. The tumors appear as solitary, raised, generally ulcerated lumps that are freely movable. Diagnosis is through microscopic examination of samples of the tumor cells from fine needle aspiration or biopsy. Canine histiocytomas are normally considered benign tumors; most resolve spontaneously and without treatment within 2 to 3 months. Surgical removal is optional and normally performed only if the tumors cause severe problems for the dog. (From http://www.merckvetmanual.com/pethealth/dog_disorders_and_diseases/skin_disorders_of_dogs/tumors_of_the_skin_in_dogs.html)

Hopefully it’s nothing serious and it’ll go away by itself.


Update: 29th August 2015 — the red lumpy bit seems to have gone now and there’s just a little bald patch left, so it looks like it’s healing up by itself. I may have always had a bit of a bald patch there but Mum’s not quite sure …anyway, it’s getting all better again. 😀 Woof!! bc2

Update: 22nd April 2016

Another thing …under my chin

Mum discovered a dark, flat, crusty scabby thing under the tip of my chin tonight, and some hair kinda rubbed off around it. I don’t remember how I got it. Mum’s hoping it’s nothing serious and is just a scratch and the scab will drop off and my hair will grow back. If it doesn’t go away by itself I guess I’ll have to go to the vet again.

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