I Saw a Black Bunny!

When Mum and I were going for our walkies tonight we saw a floppy-eared black bunny sitting in the front yard of a house, across the road from the local shops. I wanted to say hello to the bunny up close, but Mum wouldn’t let me.

Later on, when we were almost home again, we saw the bunny in a different place. Bunny had hopped a lot further down the street and was busy eating the grass just a couple of metres away from where we now were. When it realised I was there it hopped along the path in front of us and eventually stopped again, this time a lot further away from us. I was trying to catch up to it to say hello but Mum kept pulling on my leash to hold me back. It was very annoying as Bunny was getting further away all the time!

Eventually Bunny decided to hop out onto the road, just as a car was coming around the corner from the other side of the road. Luckily the driver saw Bunny and tooted the horn and stopped, but Bunny didn’t want to move and just sat in the middle of the road, in the bright headlights. So, Mum decided to walk me out onto the road to scare Bunny over to the other side, but Bunny didn’t want to go to the other side of the road. Instead, Bunny hopped along near the middle of the road, right where the car needed to go. Then another car came from the opposite direction which meant Bunny might get squished if it headed to the other side of the road now so Mum pulled me back again and luckily Bunny hopped back to our side and found a safe place underneath a parked car, and from there headed back onto the  footpath.

Funny thing was, Mum and I were so focussed on Bunny that we didn’t realise that the driver of the car that had stopped for Bunny was one of my big man-brothers and his friend on their way out tonight. Maybe he’d tooted the horn to say hello to us rather than scare the bunny away? Oh well, it was dark, and the headlights were very bright in our eyes and Mum was worried about Bunny getting squished so she never looked up to get a closer look at the car or who was driving. She only realised once the car was driving away and the headlights were no longer blinding us. 😀 WOOF! 😛

I wonder if I’ll see Bunny again on my next walkies?! bordercp


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