Another Yearly Check-up

I went to the vet again today. Mum and the vet were both very pleased with me because I wasn’t as fat as last time. I sat on the wobbly table-thing again and weighed 38.4 kg today instead of the 41 kg I was at the same time last year …must be all those extra walks Mum’s been taking me on. 🙂

I got lots of liver treats at the vet’s today …YUM! …and I also got my vaccinations done too. Having a needle doesn’t bother me at all, it’s much less traumatic than being groomed. Mum and the vet were both laughing about my home hair cut …my butt is all short and bald because Mum stole my “trousers” …she said my butt was all matted and yukky so it had to be trimmed before I went to the vet so I’d look cleaner.

Well, that’ll do for now as it’s almost dinner time and I have to keep telling Mum to feed me so she doesn’t forget. I don’t think she’d really forget, but I don’t want to take any chances. I’ll keep nudging her arm and putting my paw on her just to make sure …jumping on her usually helps too. 😀


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