I saw Santa tonight

When Mum and I went outside for walkies tonight we saw a rural fire brigade car and a fire truck drive slowly past the top of our street with lights flashing. Both vehicles had shiny Xmas decorations all over them. We decided to follow them to see where they went.

We eventually caught up to the truck which was stopped in the middle of the road a few blocks away. There were lots of little kids and their parents out on the street and they all seemed very excited about a man in a red suit who was talking to lots of people on the other side of the road. Mum told me that was Santa — I’ve never seen him before but apparently he’s responsible for my Xmas presents that I get from under the weird little plastic tree that appears in our house once a year — interesting. I wonder what he’ll bring me this year?

We kept on walking past Santa and his fire truck, and things quietened down a bit until we got to the next corner where there were more little kids and their parents. They were all waiting for Santa to drive down the road to see them too, but when I approached they got even more excited! One little boy stepped out of the group and asked Mum if he could pat me — she said yes, and told me to sit, so I did.

Suddenly I was surrounded by lots and lots of little kids (at least ten of them from about 3 to 10 years of age according to Mum) all patting me on the head and back and giving me lots of chin scratches and chest rubs. It was soooo good! They also asked Mum questions about me — my name, what kind of dog I am, and had she known me for very long (she thought that question was cute). A little girl about 3 years old, who wasn’t much taller than me, walked up to me and put her arms right around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder and gave me a big hug just before I had to leave them all. I enjoyed all the attention and all the kids waved good bye to me.

Mum and I kept walking and eventually went past Bella’s house. Bella is a Border Collie too and even though I’ve met her a few times before she still barks at me every time I go past her house. Mum always calls out to her and says, “Hi Bella!” and Bella stops barking straight away. 🙂

Mum didn’t take any photos tonight but when we got home she looked online to see if there were any on Facebook for the Engadine Rural Fire Brigade‘s Santa Run. There were a couple but one was particularly interesting because it was of a Border Collie meeting Santa tonight (shared on Twitter originally). The dog looked familiar and so did the background in the photo. Mum found out from the map on the Facebook page that the Santa Run had actually driven down our street earlier in the evening but we never saw or heard them. The photo is of Kadie who lives 3 doors down from us! I met her once before when I met Bella properly for the first time. I wrote about this meeting at Border Collie Meet-Up. I hope Kadie doesn’t mind me sharing her photo. 🙂

Kadie and Santa (photo by Shanelle)

So, although I don’t have a picture of me with Santa, because I only saw him from across the road tonight, at least I do have a photo of another Border Collie with Santa. 😀


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