My Friend Bella

Mum and I went for another walkies this afternoon. On the way home we met my friend Bella so Mum tried to get some good photos of us together. Unfortunately Bella didn’t want to sit still for her photos, but I was a good boy and sat and stayed when Mum told me to. When Mum knelt on the path to try to get a better photo down at dog level, Bella came and sat beside Mum instead of staying beside me, so Mum gave her lots of pats and cuddles while I just sat and watched. Bella’s dad had to help her to sit still enough for Mum to photograph her. At least Bella likes me now and doesn’t bark at me all the time — just some of the time and mainly when she’s up on her verandah when Mum and I walk past. I first wrote about Bella in my Border Collie Meet-up blog post and again briefly in I saw Santa tonight. Anyway, here’s more photos…

(Click on photos to enlarge)


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