My Friend Shadow

Shadow came to visit again on the weekend. Her mum is my man-brother’s girlfriend. Shadow has been here before but Mum didn’t take any photos of us those times. I like to follow Shadow around wherever she goes but she gets tired of me sometimes and disappears upstairs to my man-brother’s room. I don’t like going up those stairs because I can see between them and I find that very worrying. So then Shadow and I just chill out in separate places. Mum says I’m a good boy for letting Shadow drink out of my water bowls and even eat my rawhide bones that I’ve left lying around. Mum gave me a new bone when Shadow helped herself to one on the weekend. Shadow ate ‘her’ bone in the lounge room, where she found it, and I happily ate mine in the family room.

Mum tried to take some good photos of us together but Shadow and I weren’t interested in having our photos taken so we just kept on doing our own thing. Here’s the best of the photos Mum took…

Shadow exploring the backyard and me checking her p-mail
Me sniffing another p-mail…
…and butt sniffing
…more doggy social pleasantries exchanged
Shadow at the top and me at the bottom of the scary stairs
I’m a good boy for letting her drink out of my bowl
She likes to lick up all the crumbs I leave from my rawhide bones
Me in my desk-kennel & Shadow about to head upstairs again


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