Swimming with Shadow

…on New Year’s Eve

My friend Shadow came to visit again today. It was a very hot day so we went for a swim in my people’s pool with Shadow’s mum and my man-brother. Today I kept running back and forth while watching Shadow and the others in the pool, and my mum was worried that I’d get heat stroke or something so she asked my man-brother to encourage me to actually get into the water. I haven’t been in the big pool for a very long time because I was a very “nervous swimmer” last time.

I took a bit of persuading and it was very scary at first but once I was in it wasn’t too bad. However, because I’d run myself ragged with all the pacing, I didn’t have a lot of energy left to swim well enough to keep my mouth above water easily so I had to have some help. Shadow is a much better swimmer than I am — well, she is part Labrador after all — but she is also much younger than me and her coat is not as thick as mine. I tend to tire a lot quicker these days and with my long coat I get a bit waterlogged. Still, swimming was good fun, and Mum was happy that my sore paw (which I still lick sometimes) was getting washed in the salt water in the pool. (Click images to enlarge)

Once I got out of the water I started pacing again and Mum noticed that I’d managed to make my two front paws bleed — I guess my fast running and sudden stops and fast turns on the paving bricks were just too much for my paws to take. So, my front paws got washed in the salt water as well, but after another short swim I had to go back to the verandah on the people-kennel to get dried and let Mum check that my paws stopped bleeding before I was allowed to go inside so I could calm down and relax. When I got inside Mum even closed the blind and barricaded the kitchen window so I couldn’t look out and bark at Shadow and my people in the pool. I was a very good boy and went and sat in my chair so Mum could check my paws again. They’re OK now and after I calmed down a lot more I decided to eat the tasty rawhide ‘bone’ that Mum gave me. YUM!

Scary Fireworks & Loud Noises

I always go outside to have dinner and sleep in my kennel every night but as it’s New Year’s Eve Mum is going to let me back inside later tonight after dinner before the fireworks start. I don’t like loud noises — they make me run around crazily and bark a lot.


Update: It’s only just after 9:00pm and I’m back inside already. Mum forgot about the earlier fireworks displays and I’d already started barking and running up the backyard before she called me inside. My two front paws started bleeding a little bit again between my 3rd & 4th toes on my left front paw and between my 1st and 2nd toes on my right front paw. 😦 Mum’s not sure exactly what I’ve done to my paws and I’m not telling.

Another Update: At about 12:30am Mum had to drive away in her car to bring my man-brothers, friends and Shadow home from a party. As it was still noisy outside she left me inside with Dad (who was asleep). It’s about 1:00am now and I’m still inside the people-kennel. Mum let me outside a little while ago when she and the others came home but suddenly there were more fireworks which made me run up the backyard barking loudly, so Mum brought me back inside again. I will probably go outside again by about 1:30am when it should be all quiet.

Yet another update: Mum let me back outside at 1:35am. All was quiet until there was a bright flash and a huge bang somewhere very close to the houses behind my yard. Naturally I barked a lot and ran around the yard again. Fortunately that was the last big noise for the night so everyone, including me, was able to settle down and go to sleep.

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