Another Annual Vet Check

Mum took me to the vet this afternoon. When we got inside there was a grumpy looking white cat in a cage. I smiled at the cat and tried to say hello but Mum dragged me away from it. I was a very good boy and sat beside Mum and waited patiently for my turn to see the vet.

Then a nice old Staffy arrived with her mum but when her mum saw me and the cat she decided they should wait outside on the verandah. Once the cat went in to see the vet the Staffy’s mum let her come inside so we could say hello and sniff butts and circle each other. The old Staffy’s name was Tamika and she was 13 years old. She was very friendly and happy to see me. After we’d greeted and sniffed sufficiently we were both very well behaved and just lay on the floor panting and waiting for our turn.

Finally the cat came back out in its cage and glared at Tamika and me while its Dad paid the vet bill. It continued to glare at me as it got carried past me in its cage to go outside. Next it was my turn so as usual I dragged Mum behind me as I eagerly went in. I always love going to see the vet! 🙂 I got lots of pats and a hello from the vet, then he told me to sit on the wobbly-table-thing. This time he said I weighed 37.6 kg, which is 400g heavier than when I got weighed 2 months ago. Oh well…

The vet ran his hands all over me and checked all my lipoma lumpy things and talked to Mum about my teeth and my sensitive skin. He also checked my toe and it’s all good now. My teeth are a little worn and the dentine is exposed because I’ve worn down the enamel in places, but he was pleased that they are very clean. Bones keep my teeth nice and clean, but I guess they wear them down too. He said my skin looked a bit pink and felt a little bit hot and that it was the sign of an allergy to dust or pollen and stuff and a lot of dogs get it, especially Border Collies. I’ve always had sensitive skin and that’s why I don’t like being groomed. If it gets really bad, or if I start licking my calloused elbow or maybe even my toes again I can have some topical cream stuff with cortisone in it …whatever that is. I’m a dog so I don’t know these things so Mum had to help me write this blog. Anyway, I sat very still and had my vaccinations (which I didn’t even feel) and then the best part came …the vet gave me a liver treat! YUM!!

Somewhere in the other room I could hear a doorbell that sounded the same as the one in my big people-kennel so I got all excited thinking that someone was coming to visit. The vet laughed when Mum explained that to him. Next time I go there I’ll try to remember that it’s not my doorbell, though I’ll probably forget …because I’m a dog.

When my check-up was over and I went back out to the first room again there was another dog there to say hello to. He was a tan/brown and slightly brindled colour and looked like a Great Dane/Mastiff cross and he  was huge! …bigger than me even! His name sounded something like Grigor but I didn’t listen properly as he was very eager to say hello to me too and his people and my Mum were laughing as they tried to control us as we sniffed butts, circled and wagged our tails. Mum told me to sit so she could pay for my visit. I really tried hard, but then Tamika got called into the vet’s room. As she walked past me she tried to say hello to me again so we both got caught up around Mum’s legs, and the big dog was trying to sniff Tamika as well. All the people were laughing at us, including the vet as Tamika finally got pulled into his room. Mum eventually paid the nice lady behind the big tall desk and I said goodbye to the big dog as we went outside.

After we got home and I wrote this blog Mum decided my blog needed a photo on it so she took a picture of me looking very handsome and happy while resting on my chair then helped me add the photo to this blog.

Gotta go now …it’s DINNER TIME! 😀 bc2bordercp


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