Happy Australia Day!

Once again my 2nd eldest man-brother invited his friends to an Australia Day BBQ in my backyard, but this time I got to have a friend here as well because Shadow came to visit and then stayed for a few days. 😀 We were both very good dogs and sat still for Shadow’s mum to take photos of us wearing bows and flags on our heads. The only other times I’ve ever had a bow on my head is when I went to the dog groomer (and that was when a very scary thing happened to me…) or from my boarding kennel after they gave me a bath. But this bow looked a lot more dignified than those other ones …and Shadow looked very lovely with her headband and flags too.


However once people started swimming I had to go inside the big people-kennel because Mum thinks I get too excited when people are in the pool.


Mum didn’t take any photos of Australia Day in my backyard this year so the photos above are 3 that she took last year, as almost everything shown was the same this year …an inflatable pool inside the pool, lots of happy peoples and me doing my job of Watching. It was too hot for me to be outside as I get very hyped up when people are in the pool and I run back and forth like a crazy animal (that’s what Mum thinks anyway). My Border Collie herding instinct kicks in and I’m totally “in the zone” and won’t stop because I know how important my job is. Mum doesn’t want me dying of exhaustion or heat stroke so she made sure I was safely inside in air-conditioned comfort …but I still tried my best to Watch everyone.

The windowsill where I look outside is not in the best condition anymore thanks to my tough doggy toenails as I like to stand with my two front paws on the sill to look out and drool/pant all over the window. Mum let me look out the window for a while but then she closed the blind and barricaded the window with chairs and bar stools so I couldn’t get to it, so I started intermittently resting and pacing back and forth in the room …even if I couldn’t see them I could still hear all the people! After a while I decided to just sit and stare towards the back door instead, waiting for them to come inside. Mum had closed the gates at the top of the staircases, so I couldn’t go downstairs at all. She even gave me the appropriate dose of “Canine Tranquil Formula” chews (containing tryptophan) earlier but it did nothing to slow me down. Mum said she gets quite exhausted just listening to me pant! She doesn’t understand that Watching everyone and keeping track of where they are is my Very Important Job and I take it very seriously!

Oh well, eventually they all got out of the pool and I was allowed to go back outside and play with Shadow. Then they came inside and played video games for a while so Shadow and I just chilled out on the floor near the TV. I was very tired by then and needed the rest after all my hard work of Watching.

ad4Shadow wearing her Australia Day flags. 😀


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