I’m limping …and too fat …again!

I somehow hurt my front right leg this afternoon when fetching the ball for Mum. Maybe I’d already hurt it a bit yesterday when I stumbled on the steps, twice! …both times because I was going too fast. Anyway, I was limping badly when I brought the ball back so Mum examined my leg and paw but couldn’t find anything obviously wrong. She decided it was best for me to go inside the people-kennel and have a rest. The more I quietly walked around the big kennel the less I limped so Mum wasn’t too worried, but later on, after I’d been lying on the floor for a while, she got very worried about me when I had a lot of trouble getting up off the floor and then limped very badly on my front legs as I tried to follow her around. Mum used the talking-thing and then told me we were going to see the vet. I like seeing the vet! I always sit on the wobbly-table-thing and get told I’m a good boy, and get lots of pats and then the vet gives me a liver treat! Yum! I love liver treats! 😀

As usual I was excited to go to the vet’s so when we arrived I eagerly got out of the car and dragged Mum up the front steps and into the waiting room. We had to wait a little while because the vet still had another dog in his room, so I lay down in the hallway directly outside the door, wagging my tail and whimpering with excitement as I watched the moving shadow of the other dog as he sniffed around under the other side of the door. Finally the other dog (who was much smaller than me and looked like a Cavalier King Charles with short hair) came out and we got to meet each other with the usual tail wagging, circling and butt-sniffing before the other dog went home.

When the vet came out to see me he greeted me with pats and cuddles and then I went and sat on the wobbly-table-thing. Mum looked at the little screen and said in a very surprised voice that I was 39.8 kg. Judging from Mum’s reaction I think that means I’m fat again — the vet agreed and started talking to Mum about reducing my food. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! I didn’t like that the last time it happened!

Then the vet asked Mum to take me outside so he could see me walking. I got all excited about going outside again but a bit confused when Mum didn’t let me go to the car and instead told me to go back up the steps, which I did at my usual fast speed so Mum had to run to keep up. The vet was nodding and saying it was good that he could see how I limped.

We went back inside where the vet wanted me to stand on the floor with Mum cuddling me close so he could examine my sore leg. At first it was ok and nothing hurt while he was looking at my paw and checking for injuries or things stuck in it. He bent my paw back and bent my leg in different ways but it all felt ok. Then he said something to Mum about a particular area on my leg that was probably going to hurt when he moved it a certain way. I wasn’t sure what this meant but I did notice that Mum tightened her grip on me. Then the vet carefully stretched out my leg in a way that made it hurt! I whimper-growled and tried to snap at him but couldn’t because Mum was holding my head against her and had her forearm across the side of my face so I couldn’t swing my head around. The vet moved back a little bit, but Mum didn’t let go of me. Then it was all over and Mum was patting me and they were both telling me what a good boy I was. The vet got his jar of liver treats and offered me one, but I just sniffed at it and turned away, so he left the treat on the floor. While the vet was talking to Mum about my leg (and saying something about my elbow joint and problems with full extension) I eventually licked the liver treat off the floor then sat and leaned against the door and put on my best “let’s go home now” face.

Mum and the vet talked for a long time and said words I didn’t understand like calories, arthritis, anti-inflammatory tablets, plus Mum told him about my food and supplements which she gives me. He said to stick with it all but to cut down the amount of dry food and cut the pigs ears in half — I didn’t like the sound of that as I don’t think Mum ever gives me enough anyway!

Before we left the room the vet gave me more pats, said nice things to me and offered me another liver treat, but I refused to take it from him as I was still very upset with him for hurting my leg. He and Mum were very surprised as they know how much I usually love liver treats. But, I soon forgot about all the fuss and happily went out to the other room with Mum and waited for her to finish talking to the nice lady behind the counter who always comes out to talk to me and pat me too.

When we got home Mum gave me my dinner a bit earlier than usual so I could have my first (of 5) tablet to make my leg feel better. I’ve had these same anti-inflammatory tablets (Previcox 227mg) before, when I had my sore toe last year. This time Mum has to give me 1/2 to 1 tablet once daily with food.


Update 22/04/2017: My first tablet was last night and my leg is already feeling much better so Mum gave me just 1/2 a tablet with my breakfast today. 😀

Update 27/04/2017: I was doing really well and have gone on a few nice easy walks with Mum but I really wanted to play and chase balls too. So, I convinced Mum to throw a couple of balls for me in the backyard today but she stopped when I looked like I might have been limping a tiny bit. Then suddenly a big bang happened somewhere in the distance (Holsworthy army base is not very far away) and I spun around and went charging up the backyard to bark at it and hurt my leg again and had to lie down on the grass after I limped back to Mum. She massaged my leg and made me feel a bit better so then we went back inside the people-kennel where I just sit quietly and rest. Rest is boring!

Some useful articles Mum found to read…


Edit: 12/01/2018 ~ I decided not to write a new blog and just add this here… I chased a ball up the yard this morning and hurt my back right leg. I held my leg up off the ground completely as I limped back to Mum. She massaged it and made it feel a bit better but she says I should rest and not go on any walks for a couple of days to make sure it’s ok. Trouble is I get so stiff and bored from all my ‘resting’ …and that kinda makes things worse. Mum has to remember not to throw balls anymore and I just have to remember not to run after anything …even the loud sky noise that’s been happening a lot lately. 😦

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