Toys for the Pound Puppies!

A few weeks ago Mum and I decided that I had too many toys that I never played with anymore, so we thought it would be a good thing to donate them to dogs who didn’t have any toys.

My man-brother’s girlfriend (my friend Shadow‘s mum) is a team member at Rescue Hub and she told us that the dogs at Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter (a.k.a. Hawkesbury pound), where she volunteers, would love to have some toys to play with.

Rescue-Hub-Logo-HeaderRescue Hub was founded in 2015 to help promote dogs currently in Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter. Through the power of Facebook they have also assisted with re-homing hundreds of dogs as well as organizing interstate transport and assisting rescue groups with special need dogs before they find their forever home.

Mum washed and scrubbed my old toys as best she could to make them look nicer and taste better. I also had lots of big soccer balls, footballs and basket balls — about 10 or 11 balls in total — that my man-brothers had collected over the years from street-side council clean-up piles. I chose 2 that I wanted to keep and we gave the other 8 or 9, along with lots of other toys, to Shadow’s mum to donate for us to the less fortunate doggies at Hawkesbury Pound.

Here are photos of some of the dogs having fun playing with just a few of the toys we donated…


I used to love my hamburgers but I lost interest in them after a while. I’m happy to see these two dog’s enjoying them and making their time at the pound more bearable.




The old fellow above is apparently blind and loving the toys because it gives him something to interact with. The ball used to have a rope through it but I chewed that off a long time ago.

dog4Photo by Allira Fontana Photography for Rescue Hub

The dog in this photo above is having fun with my duckie! 😀 …and below is a dog playing with one of my soccer balls. 🙂

dog7.jpgPhoto by Allira Fontana Photography for Rescue Hub

At the moment my man-brother’s girlfriend is fostering some puppies until they’re old enough to look for their forever homes, so they get to play with a couple of my toys as well. I used to play fetch with my yellow dumbbell when I was a puppy. I donated a pink dumbbell as well. The piggy in the photo is one of my old toys too.


I’m glad that so many different dogs can play with my toys now.

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