My friend Shadow and the 3 puppies she’s helping to foster (until they find their forever homes) came to visit yesterday. When the puppies first arrived they were quickly taken inside my people’s big kennel to have a bath because one of them had pooped inside the special puppy-carrier they were all travelling in and now all 3 of them were icky and stinky. Mum told me I had to stay outside while all this was happening.

L to R: Cujo, Echo & Banjo ~ Photo by Shadow’s Mum 😀

When I finally got to meet the puppies I felt quite overwhelmed by seeing so many other dogs in my territory but I eventually calmed down a bit and didn’t bark so much at them. They were quite scared of me to start with so all the people took turns in holding them until I got used to them, then everything was ok …well, mostly. I was still a bit upset about this invasion of my territory but Mum told me that it was only for one day and overnight.

When it got dark outside my people lit a fire in their fire-pit and they all sat around holding the puppies and talking. For a while Shadow snoozed in a bed with the puppies inside my old puppy-fence while I wandered around my yard. It was a good night. I like it when my people sit around the fire because I get lots of pats and attention …and sometimes food too, though not this time as they didn’t share their food with me because they think I’m too fat. There was a yummy chocolate cake too! But I wasn’t allowed to have any of that either ‘cos I’m not allowed to have chocolate. I remember how it made me feel a bit funny when I stole some chocolate a long time ago.

Here are some photos Mum took of everyone last night (click to enlarge)



Update, June 2017 — The puppies (9 in the litter, divided among 3 foster homes) have all been adopted. Echo, renamed Luna, stayed with Shadow’s mum, and Cujo, Banjo and the other 6 puppies quickly found new homes. Cujo and Banjo both kept their names, and Cujo now has his very own Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/cujotanner/.  Luna and Shadow share an Instagram page with their mum at https://www.instagram.com/rachmoo/ 😀

Update, May 2018 — I just discovered another of the puppies — Ringo — also has his own Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/ringo_thedobie/. 😀

Update, June 2018 — Banjo shares an Instagram page with his family at https://www.instagram.com/bijandarabi/ 😀


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