Walkies …again!

Yep, it’s another post about my walkies, with more photos of me looking very handsome. When Mum opened the back door to say good morning to me today (I always sleep outside on the verandah of the people-kennel, either inside my kennel or on my other comfy big bed) and then told me it was walkies time, I excitedly ran into the people-kennel and straight through to the front door area to wait for Mum to come and put my harness and leash on me. I like going for walkies! This morning we went out very early because Mum said sky-water would fall today and I might not get to go anywhere if we didn’t go early. I didn’t even care that I hadn’t had my breakfast yet.

We walked around the streets where I’ve been lots of times before but this time we also went to the set of steps that leads to a long path in some bush that leads to another really big long set of steps that goes down to another street where I often walk. I liked going along the different path because there were lots of new and interesting things to sniff at along the way.

Mum took some photos of me while I explored all the different smells and sounds.

Me patiently waiting while Mum takes my photo.
Where we’re heading
…and where we’ve been
Me being a Good Boy and sitting still for a photograph …again.
I just heard something up there

Mum was right about the sky-water because not long after we got home it did start and hasn’t stopped much since then. I was happy to have breakfast and snooze on the lounge after my big walkies.


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