Happy Birthday to Me …I’m 10 Today!

Today is my 10th birthday so Mum made me a special breakfast with a “10” on it (but I had to be a Very Good Boy and wait for her to take a photo before I could eat it) and I got two yummy dog biscuits that were made by Shadow‘s grandma (who actually gave me three of them but Mum let me have one a few days ago and saved two for today). Sooo much deliciousness! 😀


In case you’d like to know what is actually in my breakfast bowl, I have an appetizing mix of the following ingredients:

Anyway, I need to get back to my afternoon snoozing and prepare for tonight’s walkies, plus the big steak with a bone in it that Mum has told me I’m having for dinner tonight. While I’m dreaming about steak and bones you can look at some more photos Mum took of me on my birthday today.


Update: 29/07/2017 ~ Shadow’s mum came to visit today and she gave me a box of yummy biscuits for my birthday! I’m such a lucky dog! Woof! …but Mum only let me have 2 of the little itty bitty ones because she said I’ve had enough treats for today. If I’m a Good Boy (which of course I always am) I can have more tomorrow. 😀


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