Mmmmm… Corn Cob

24th July 2017 ~  Tonight my youngest man-brother left a plate on the little table downstairs. I figured that as he’d left it where I could easily reach it that the yummy-smelling piece of corn cob (just like the ones in the photo) must have been for me …so I ate it. While I was busy chewing on it Mum came running downstairs. She’d heard the crunching noise and wondered what I was destroying. I hurriedly gulped down the last of it so she couldn’t take it away from me, then licked up most of the last few little corn kernels from the carpet. It was sooo tasty! For some reason Mum was not happy when she saw the bits of corn and she yelled at my youngest man-brother for leaving his plate with a corn cob on it. Apparently corn cobs are not good for dogs and Mum had already told everyone in the family NEVER to leave them where I could get one.

Mum used her talking-thing to contact my vet, even though the vet’s office was due to close in about 10 minutes. First she spoke briefly to the nice lady at the desk in my vet’s office and then a little while later Mum’s talking-thing made a noise and she spoke to my vet. As I’m such a big dog Mum and my vet both thought I’d probably be ok, but he told her to keep watch for certain things in me such as vomiting, diarrhoea, straining to poop, sore tummy or other signs of distress and to talk to him again in the morning if necessary.

I don’t get what all the fuss was about as I feel fine. I thought eating a piece of corn cob was good as it was yummy (my man-brother had left almost all of the tasty little corn kernels on it too) and then I still got to have my usual dinner, which the vet said would be a good thing as it would help push the corn cob through my innards so hopefully it wouldn’t get stuck. Then Mum decided to give me another meal later of cooked, mashed pumpkin …it was sooo good to have two dinners!

I remember Mum gave me pumpkin after she thought I’d eaten part of a plastic bottle cap when I was much younger (which I hadn’t as she found it days later), and after I ate the delicious Easter chocolate, including all the yukky aluminium wrappings, and when I ate a huge amount of my older man-brother’s big chunks of beeswax that he’d bought to use on his medieval equipment. The beeswax smelled reeeeally good and tasty so of course I ate it, but then everybody started making jokes about me pooping candles for days and days afterwards.

25th July 2017 ~ I saw Mum looking at me through the window a few times earlier this morning, making sure I was okay. I was just enjoying my comfortable bed on the back verandah, or lazing on the grass in the sun. Finally it was time to come inside and have my breakfast/lunch but before I could do that Mum went and cleaned up all my poop …I don’t understand why she’s so interested in my poop. Anyway, today my breakfast had more pumpkin in it! It was sooo good and I gulped it down as quickly as I could.


Mum told me she will be checking my state of health for days yet, because dogs can’t digest corn cobs and they can get stuck inside a dog’s stomach or intestines and cause problems even after a week or sometimes a whole month! She said that pieces of corn cob can rip a dog’s innards as they try to pass through and infection (peritonitis) can set in, plus they can get stuck causing a blockage which can also be lethal. Some dogs have died because of eating corn cobs, but lots of other dogs have also survived with no obvious problems. I can’t remember how well I chewed the piece of corn cob before swallowing it but hopefully as I’m a big dog my innards are also big enough to cope with it. I’m feeling fine at the moment, snoozing on the lounge inside the people-kennel, delightfully full of kibble and slushy pumpkin. 🙂

26th July 2017 ~ Mum’s still obsessed with my poop! Today she found 2 big chunks of corn cob in it that look to be about half of what I ate. Like I said yesterday, I can’t remember how well I chewed the cob before I swallowed it so there could be more to come, or it might have already passed in smaller undetectable bits. Oh well, at least I’m pooping normally (and in greater quantity due to all the pumpkin) and I’m not showing any signs of distress, so Mum thinks I should probably be ok …but she’ll still be checking my poop.


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