Doggy Holiday Time Again

Two days ago my family went to Goulburn for a couple of days so I went to Hanrob Pet Hotel at Heathcote again for 3 whole days. I like going to Hanrob and every time Mum takes me there I eagerly jump out of the back of her car then excitedly pull on my leash all the way to the front door of the reception area. Once inside I reach up and put my front paws on the big high desk and look over so I can say hello to whoever’s sitting on the other side. I’m almost as tall as Mum when I do that! 😀 Then my collar and lead get swapped for the Hanrob ones and I happily trot out the back with the staff member to start my holiday. In the past Mum has usually booked an extra daily play session for me but this time, because I’m 10 years old and suffer from a bit of arthritis now, she thought I might enjoy having a nice walk every day instead.

Mum likes to see photos of me having fun on my holiday so here’s some that were taken this afternoon after I’d had my bath (and made to smell like flowers) and had my coat brushed all fluffy and soft. Once again I had to endure the indignity of having a bow in my hair! They keep mistaking me for a female because of my name, but Shelby is a male name as well! Grrrr…. oh well, Mum thought I looked handsome and cute with it on in the photos. Although, by the time she came to pick me up this afternoon the bow was gone (and I’m not telling what I did with it either, hehe).






Here’s my report card for this visit to Hanrob. Of course I was  Very Good Boy, as always. 😀


I made a new friend at playtime, called Hugo, who is a German Shorthaired Pointer (or GSP as it says on my report card).

When I got home the first thing I did was roll and rub on the carpet to try to stop myself from smelling like flowers but that didn’t work, so then Mum let me go outside to check out the backyard so I rolled and rubbed myself all over on the grass but still the flower smell wouldn’t come out of my coat. Oh well, I know from past experience that the smell that Mum loves so much eventually wears off and I start smelling more like a dog should. I do enjoy going on my holidays to Hanrob but I’m always glad to get back home afterwards and snooze on the lounge again.





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