Post-holiday Blues

This is one of those boring blogs Mum wanted me to write so she could have a record of my health problems, so it’s not really very exciting reading.

When I came home from my holiday at the boarding kennel yesterday Mum noticed that I was limping on my back legs a lot worse than normal after sitting down for a while. She assumed it was possibly because I had missed out on all my arthritis supplements for a couple of days, or maybe I’d been a bit too active while I was away. Then she also saw a rubbed raw patch on the right side of my back right paw but I couldn’t tell her how it happened. She checked all my paws but couldn’t find any hurting-things stuck in them.

I guess I should also mention here that last Wednesday night (30/8/17) when Mum and I went for walkies I went lame a few times towards the end of the walk, where I would suddenly just lie down on the grass or do a hop/skip/trip on my back legs and suddenly sit on the path. I did this about 4 times over the last 200-300 metres or so of the walk and when we got home Mum asked Dad to hold me while she checked my legs and paws. Mum pulled out a big round spiky grass-seed-burr-thing from between my toes of my back left paw. I was OK after that awful hurting-thing was gone. I usually only get them stuck in my coat; never had one stuck in my paw before!

Anyway, this morning  (5/9/17) she let me inside much earlier than usual and I was limping very badly, but the limping seemed to get better the more I walked around the house so she thought I was just a bit stiff from being on my bed outside all night. After lying on the lounge for a while I had a lot of trouble getting up again and had to sit down every so often before finally getting to the back door to go out again. She checked my paws again but couldn’t find anything. I also had a big wet patch of hair on my right rump (the side I’d been lying on) and under my tail but I don’t remember how it got that way. It was kinda matted and yukky but didn’t stink …hmmm, very odd.

Mum looked up stuff on the internet about dogs’ bums and clear, odourless fluid leakage. It seems this can happen with upset tummies, especially from stress (such as being at a boarding kennel for three days with lots of strange sounds, smells and  lots of other dogs all barking and carrying on). I had to go outside more often today than usual to poop too …and it was yukky diarrhoea poop …again, stress and change of diet.

Because my back legs were so sore Mum decided to take me to the vet this afternoon. My youngest man-brother came with us and he helped me to get in and out of Mum’s car. (She has bought a ramp for me to use but I don’t like it and refuse to use it, but Mum said she wants me to learn how so I don’t have to jump in and out of the car and hurt myself doing so.)

As usual I stepped onto the wobbly table thing when I went into the vet’s office. The numbers on it read 37kg this time …2.8kg lighter than last time, which Mum and my vet say is a good thing unless, as the vet suggested, it’s because I didn’t eat anything while I was away, though Mum thinks that’s unlikely as she told him I’m basically a stomach on legs that never refuses any food.

The vet checked my legs and felt all over them and said he could feel the arthritic changes that were happening, and that my right knee was definitely worse than the other one. He thinks I probably just overdid things on my holiday and got too excited being with all the other dogs, especially while going for walks. Mum and the vet don’t know if the kennel staff take just one dog at a time for a walk or if a few dogs go together, and I’m not telling, so they don’t know if maybe I hurt my leg then and perhaps nobody noticed at the time. Maybe going for walkies there wasn’t such a good idea afterall. Mum also said that my bark sounded different …like I’d been barking all weekend and kinda lost my voice. The vet asked if I’d been coughing at all and Mum said no, so we know I don’t have kennel cough.

I now have more Previcox 227mg tablets to make my legs feel better. I have to take 1/2 to 1 tablet once daily with food for a few days. My vet said to start with 1/2 and see how that goes. I also can’t go on any walks while I’m on the tablets in case I get too enthusiastic and hurt myself, because while I might feel better my legs won’t really be better just yet.

My man-brother helped me get into Mum’s car and we went home again. Then I went out into the back yard and did more yukky poop, which Mum cleaned up with the garden hose. I wanted to chase the water and snap at it but Mum wouldn’t let me and she got grumpy with me when I stood in the poo-water that slowly soaked into the grass. Sheesh! …how to spoil a dog’s fun! After she’d put the hose away I ran up to the other end of the yard, walked around in a circle and promptly vomited on the grass beside the shed. Mum then cleaned up that mess but this time I was a Good Boy and didn’t try to chase the hose water.

After all that excitement we went inside the big people-kennel again and I settled for a snooze in my favourite chair near Mum’s desk, but then I suddenly started doing this weird huffing/coughing/heavy-breathing thing which was kinda like hiccups but not. Mum was concerned that I might vomit again, but fortunately I was ok. I looked a bit worried about it all so Mum patted me lots and eventually the hiccupish breathing thing stopped and I settled back down for my snooze.


Update: 18/10/2017 ~ I did the weird hiccupish breathing thing again today so Mum searched online and found it’s actually called a reverse sneeze, and as long as it doesn’t happen all the time it’s nothing to worry about. Today was only the second time in my whole life that Mum’s seen me do it. Here’s a video she found of another dog doing reverse sneezing.

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