A Purple Pig & Other Things

About 3 weeks ago my eldest man-brother and his girlfriend came to visit and they had some presents for me — a really comfy special mattress to lie on inside the people-kennel and some yummy home-made dog biscuits (in 2 flavours — peanut butter and turmeric)! 😀 The memory foam mattress is much better for my old-dog-arthritic-joints to lie on than the carpet that used to be in the same place, and the turmeric in the biscuits is to help make my joints feel better too.



mattress3.jpgEating a ‘tasty bone’ in comfort on my new bed.

biscuits.jpgMmmmmm… yummy dog biscuits!

Then 2 weeks later, they came for another visit and brought another present for me — a purple pig that oinks when I bite it. I had another pig that looked just like this one (except it was pink) but its oinker stopped working so they thought I should have a new pig. My purple pig is still my favourite toy at the moment. I’m such a lucky dog! 😀


Mum has been doing lots of sewing for 2 of my other man-brothers (she calls them Son2 and Son4) who do medieval re-enactment. She used the big dining table to lay out the fabric and cut patterns on, but to make the table easier to get to she moved all the chairs out of the way. I discovered I quite liked lying underneath the table, now that I could get under it easily. Mum took some photos of me in my ‘table-kennel’.

pp1.jpgMe giving my purple pig a workout.

pp2.jpgHi Mum!

pp3.jpgEnough photos already! …must keep chewing!

After Mum had finished mending a torn Viking shirt and making a new Viking undershirt for ‘Son2’ her next sewing project was to make a Viking Dog Coat (with more of the same fabric as the shirt) for my friend Shadow as my 2 re-enactor man-brothers and Shadow’s mum were all going to a gathering called Beorg-wic at a place called Dunghaven. Sounds like a fun place for a dog!

viking4.jpgThis is the Viking ‘tunic’ that Mum made for Shadow.

viking1.jpgShadow the Viking Dog being a Very Good Girl when Mum told her to ‘stay’ for the photo.

viking2.jpgA more relaxed Viking Dog, cleaning up crumbs I probably left from my treats.

viking3.jpgShadow looking very smart in her Viking outfit.

I’m looking forward to Shadow telling me what she thought of her big adventure at Dunghaven when they all come home tomorrow night. WOOF!!! 🙂





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