Centennial Park

Yesterday I went on a big adventure with Man-brother2 to a place called Centennial Park (in Man-brother4’s car  which is a bit like Mum’s car so much easier for me to get in and out of than Man-brother2’s big high 4WD). When we got there we met Shadow and Luna and their mum and we went for a big walkies together. It was fun!

There were big white birds there that hissed a lot — they were very strange and a little bit scary. I was told they are called geese and they were apparently hissing at me to make me stay away from their babies. I was intrigued by them and just wanted to say hello, but Man-brother2 and Shadow & Luna’s mum both said it was best for us dogs not to go near them.

Unfortunately Man-brother2 didn’t think to take lots of photos of my adventure and by the time he finally found the message my mum had sent to his talking-thing to remind him, it was too late. Shadow and Luna were already back in their car so he didn’t get any photos of me with them, or of me with the big white birds. But he did take some photos of me in the park with the pretty flowers just before he helped me get into the back of the car again to go home.

cp1-2.jpgHmmm… not my best look (above) but I was in the middle of telling Man-brother2 something when he took the photo.


On the drive out through the park I got to see some other big birds called black swans, but I couldn’t get out of the car to go and say hello to them either. Oh well, maybe next time I’ll get to see more birds and Man-brother2 will remember to take lots more photos of my big adventure. 🙂



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