The Big Secret!

Remember when I wrote my blog last October about going for walkies at Centennial Park …well, certain details in the story were added to keep a BIG secret, hehe …I’m such a clever, sneaky dog!

Man-brother2 told Mum he wanted to take me to Centennial Park so I could have an adventure there with my friends Shadow & Luna. However, that wasn’t quite true as they were not really going to be there. Instead we went there to meet Shadow & Luna’s mum who was there with a photographer-lady who took lots of photos of me. I went along with the story when I wrote my blog so Mum wouldn’t know …hehe. The part about the big white birds was true though — they were strange and a bit scary.

I was a Very Good Boy and helped my Man-brothers plus Shadow, Luna and their mum to keep the secret right up until Xmas Day, when Mum was given her presents.

Mum was really, reeeeeally happy and surprised when she opened the first present, which was a big photograph of me in a very nice wooden frame. She later put it on the wall with all the other family photos. I have the biggest photo there! bc2


Mum also got a little wooden box with a fancy USB flash drive inside with more photos of me on it. My people-family had picked out the 6 photos they all liked the best. bordercp


There were both high and low resolution copies of each photo on the USB stick. I know about stuff like that now because I’m such a clever dog …and Mum showed me how to use Photoshop so I could make even ‘smaller’ copies of each of the photos to put here on my blog.






Shelby-CP-6Photos by Allira Fontana Photography

Allira, the photographer-lady, had taken lots more photos of me and ‘proofs’ of those are on her website so Mum can order more if she wants to. I took a screenshot of ‘my’ page so you can see them. (Click on the photo below to make it bigger.)


But that’s not all!

We also gave Mum a book called Canines of Character and she was even more surprised and happy to see that I was actually in the book!

I’m on pages 308 through to 313 (click each image below to enlarge)

Shadow and Luna are in the book too, along with their older sister Eshkar, but I won’t show you any more pages in the book as you can always buy a copy of Canines of Character for yourself or as a gift for someone else, from Allira Fontana’s website or from the Dymocks book shop at Rouse Hill NSW. I’m very proud to be in such a wonderful book with so many excellent photos of other extraordinary dogs! The book has 504 pages with beautiful photos and interesting quotes and short stories from each dog.  Plus, a portion of book sales will be donated to the rescue group Rescue Hub, who work tirelessly to save dogs from death row each and every day.


Edit: 20th July 2018 — I now have my own page on Allira Fontana’s website at  😀

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