A Tree Came to Visit

Yesterday afternoon (New Years Eve — the night of scary noises) part of a tree from Kelly‘s yard decided to crash into my yard. It wasn’t even very windy when the tree came to visit! I was outside the big people-kennel when this happened but I was very lucky not to get hurt by the tree.

The loud cracking and crashing noises had barely stopped before I heard Mum yelling, “Where’s the dog?!!!” from inside the people-kennel. Man-brother3 beat her to the back door and said, “Hello puppy”, as I stood there eager to come inside …Mum was very pleased to see that I was OK! Fortunately the tree had missed me and the people-kennel, but the fence and Mum’s clothesline weren’t so lucky. Man-brother2’s big roof rack for his 4WD (temporarily stored on the concrete near the clothesline) was also trapped underneath the tree branch but it seemed to be OK.

Mum had planned to let me stay inside the people-kennel until after midnight because I don’t like all the loud, scary noises that happen every year on this night, but because of the tree she let me stay inside the people-kennel all night. She’s worried that more of the tree could fall down so it looks like I’ll be sleeping inside the people-kennel every night now until the rest of the tree is cut down and my backyard is safe again.

I don’t like going up the scary see-through staircase so I can be with Mum all night, but I also don’t want to be downstairs by myself. Mum and Dad don’t like it when I start barking to get them to come down to see me, so I have to be a Very Brave Dog and overcome my fear of running up the scary staircase. Once I’m finally upstairs it’s OK though and Mum leaves a water bowl upstairs for me too. But I think I do prefer to be outside as I can come and go from my verandah as I please and talk to possums and bats if they’re around.

Mum is so worried about the tree that she wants Man-brother4 to sleep in the spare bedroom so he’s further away from the tree at night, which he agrees with. The tree hangs over that end of the people-kennel and if more huge branches break off they could smash windows or even come through the roof! We will all be much happier when this tree business is sorted out and it is gone forever!

In the meantime, Mum let me have another one of my Xmas presents from Man-brother1 and his girlfriend. Food makes everything better! WOOF!





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