A Tasty Visit to the Vet’s

I went to see my vet tonight and I was such a Good Boy that he gave me three liver treats! I usually only get one (or sometimes two). I sat on the wobbly table thing as usual when I arrived and the number on it was 35.8 kg, which means I’ve lost 1.2 kg since my last visit there 5 months ago. Mum and the vet both agree that it’s a Very Good Thing, especially because of my arthritic back legs. The vet gave me a liver treat for being a Very Good Boy.

I hurt my back left leg again last night or early this morning so I didn’t want to go for walkies with Mum this morning. When she came to get me I didn’t want to get off my bed, and when I did get up I could take only a couple of steps at a time before I’d have to sit down again. Mum doesn’t know how I hurt my leg, but she thinks I might have been chasing a possum as she found some tufts of possum fur in the backyard this morning. I’m staying silent on the subject of possums. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll know why …hehe. 😉

Anyway, the vet checked my legs and said they’re ok …well, no worse than they were last time he saw me. He told Mum that she might need to keep a small supply at home of those anti-inflammatory tablets I had last time, so I can have just one to make me feel better if I do something like this again. My leg was already getting better by tonight when I saw the vet, so for now I’ll just have to rest. I was a Very Good Boy when the vet checked my legs (and all my lipoma lumpy things — of which I have many more — and my teeth, which are a little worn from all my vigorous chewing on things) so he gave me a 2nd liver treat.

After that the vet gave me my annual vaccinations. I was a bit worried about that at first but it was over very quickly and again I was a Very Good Boy so I got a 3rd liver treat! The liver treats were only tiny as the vet said he didn’t want to make me fat again after my excellent weight loss, but they were still very tasty! Woof! 😀






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